How to make money on HubPages

What is HubPages?

HubPages is a famous free revenue sharing website for article writers. Everyone is welcome as long as they can write a decent hub (article) about something. You will earn money for clicks, views and purchases from the ads that you display on the same page as your articles. So basically, if you can write interesting articles that gets a decent stream of visitors you will be able to make money from HubPages.

make money on hubpages

Ways of making money on HubPages

There are plenty of ways to make money on HubPages, some are better than others. The following ways are some of the most used ones and I would highly recommend them if you want to earn some money.

1. Making money through AdSense.

Accoding to me, AdSense is one of the best way to make money from HubPages. AdSense is not owned by HubPages, it’s an ad network owned by Google. AdSense lets you earn a part of the revenue for each view/click on your ads. For example, if you write about making money online, you would be able to get about $1-$3 per click on the ads since there are a lot of advertisers competing against each other on those keywords. I have written an article already on how to make money with AdSense, you might want to check that one out. When you upload your AdSense ads on HubPages they will split the revenue 60/40 (in your favor) with you. So you will be paid for six out of each ten clicks on your ads. This is a pretty decent rate since you get to upload you articles on their website in return. The advantage of uploading your articles on HubPages is that HubPages has a very good standing in search engines like Google, therefore your articles have a much greater chance of ranking well and bringing in more money.

2. Making money with eBay and Amazon.

This is a great way to make money from HubPages if you are reviewing/talking about products that can be bough from eBay and Amazon (literally everything). Let’s say that a new iPad or book is has just been released. Now you simply have to write something about it, such as a top 10 reasons to get it or a review of it etc. When you have written an article, upload it to HubPages and monetize it with amazon and/or eBay ads that are related to what you’re writing about. If the user find your article interesting, they might click on your ads and order the book or whatever you wrote about. Just remember that you need to convince them that the advantages of having the item exceeds the disadvantages. A good writer knows how to play on human emotions and will find this to be a very lucrative way of making money online, whether on HubPages or anywhere else. It’s also a smart move to write about products that are not yet released, that way you don’t need to worry as much about competition in search engines.

3. Using Kontera to make money.

I have never really used Kontera to make money on HubPages, or anywhere else for that matter. But as far as I can see it’s kind of like InfoLinks, which I have used. So with Kontera you will be able to serve “in-content” advertising, meaning that words in your content will be hyper-linked to an advertiser using Kontera. Every time someone clicks on that link in your text you will earn a small amount of money.

From my experience these things are barely worth it if you don’t receive thousands of visitors to your articles every day. Mainly because they earnings per click are so low, but also that it can be a bit annoying for your readers to have links everywhere in the content. If you’re using affiliate links in your content as well you might not get as many click on them since the Kontera ads distracts the reader. But, if you got a lot of articles and a lot of traffic to them, Kontera might be a good extra income source, so it’s not bad for everyone.

4. HubPages own ad program.

This is a pretty new way (as I’m writing this) to make money on HubPages with. It’s basically an CPM (cost per mille) ad program run by HubPages themselves with premium advertisers. You will get paid a set amount of money for each view on your hubs. This is a very low amount of money, but it can quickly add up to great sums if you are able to get a few thousand hub views per day. HubPages claims that by using their ad program at the same time as AdSense the majority will be able to see a great increase in earnings, Even if it means less clicks on your AdSense ads.

However, I would be a little bit cautious about this if I were you. Mainly because CPM ads require a great deal of traffic and that if you are writing about a really high paying keyword for AdSense, you don’t want to put up a bunch of low paying ads from HubPages. So if ou know how to do keyword research o find keywords that pay well, then stay away from the HubPages ad program. If you on the other hand are sitting with a lot of hubs that receive a great deal of traffic, but barely any clicks, then the HubPages ad program might be for you.

5. Making money with Affiliate Marketing.

This is a great way to make money on HubPages if you do it right. It’s kind of like Amazon and eBay. You can use different ways to make money with affiliate marketing on HubPages, the most common is ClickBank and CPA networks. With clickBank you will be promoting digital products through your affiliate links/banners inside your hubs. For each sale you will get a set percentage of the profit (max 75%). With PA ads on the other hand you might earn money simply by getting people to download a game, signing up to a website or whatever.

ClickBank usually earns you more money per sale, but the conversion rate can be more then ten times as big if you know how to use CPA to make money. Just remember that the same rule applies here as with Amazon and eBay. You need to convince your readers enough so that they will take action. You will also have make sure that you do not write overly promotional hubs or use more than two outgoing links per hub or they might be marked as spam and taken down.

6. Implementing referral links.

If you’re a member of a website that lets you use referral links to make money, then HubPages is a great way to recruit people from. There are plenty of programs that lets you use referral links to make money, some of them are, CashCrate, NeoBux and more. For each person you refer to their website, the more money you might potentially earn. Most often you will earn a percentage of all the money your referrals earn through their website.

When you try to make money from websites allowing referrals you need to focus on quantity. Meaning that in order to make any money, you will most likely need to have a lot of referrals that are actively generating money for you. So it’s a great idea to write both inspiring and informational/fun articles about the website you’re liking to with your referral links. Help your readers see the value of the website, so that they want to make money from it as well. You could even offer personal training to people if they sign up under you, it’s works great and it will for sure make them even more interested.

7. Referring others to HubPages.

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