How to Make Money by Playing Games Online

So you thought playing games was only for the entertainment of kids and adults don’t really have to do anything with them? Read on and you’d know how playing games online can be a useful tool to earn extra bucks.
Yes, earlier you used to play games online as a kid or maybe even do so in your spare time or when you are bored but did you know there are websites who pay you to play games online. That means you get to have the fun and earn some money too. This doesn’t involve any technical skills, neither any flare with words, or marketing. All you need is to wake up the kid inside you and focus on your gaming skills.
Many a sites are available which pay money to people who play games online. Some of the sites which you are fun to use and pay you good are as below:

 1) Swagbucks:
What started as an online rewards program is now a full fledges Get Paid To site which pays its members to  play games like word game, arcade etc. You earn online digital dollars called ‘swagbucks’ which you can redeem for the site merchandise or Amazon gift cards. You can also ask to convert the credits into cash and get paid via PayPal. Here you can earn money by taking surveys or by referring you friends to the site.
Visit site:
2) Game Show Network (GSN):
It is a popular gaming websites which host tournaments which pitch gamers against eachother. You earn GSN oodles which can be redeemed for cash and other prizes. Its cross-platform content gives the game lovers an opportunity to win big time on cash and prizes.
As one of the biggest sites in the online gaming world, it has already produced a millionaire who won $200 million digital earnings which were translated to $1 million dollars in real. You get to set an avatar for yourself who represents you in the community. You can earn by property trading, creating and selling content etc.
A multiplayer platform which transports you to a futuristic time where the Earth has ceased to be a living planet. Humans are given a task to find minerals and Mars Dollars. Mars Dollars is what you need to earn which you can do by mining volcanoes, searching ruins and attacking other gamers.
The best thing about this site is that there is a predetermined amount which is easy to cash out and comes in the form of real money. You get  5000MD as a sign up bonus while 300,000MD are exchanged to $20.
5)Paid Game Player:
make money playing game
Here you can earn money by entering into contests and flight your way to the winner’s level. There are about 25 games which you can play against other players and be compensated for each of the contests. If you want more benefitted there is an option to pay money to upgrade but that’s totally optional. Free membership gets you a decent amount of money by playing games, filling up surveys and reviewing games.
6)Play & Win:
This site offers you to get paid for playing addictive games like Backgammon, Bingo etc. You are rewarded in the form of tokens, which you can use to enter jackpots and earn money.
Here you can earn money by winning tokens for free games. If you want more money, you can use the tokens to enter a draw of upto $1000.
Higher jackpots can straightaway go to $4999 where you are also paid bonus spins if your game goes well enough.
With all these options, you surely are going to have the best of both the worlds. You would get entertained as well as be able to earnsome money by doing nothing but playing games.
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