How to get approved by AdSense

Google AdSense is a clever advertising network that lets its members implement ad-codes directly on their websites to make money. The amount of money you can earn from the service depends on your sites niche and your visitors’ geographical location. Google’s AdSense program is really one of the greatest ways to make money online for people owning a website or blog, both for starters and experts. However, getting approved into the AdSense network can be a pain in the a** for some people and there are many who have become a bit confused of what it takes to get approved by AdSense. This post is created to help you understand exactly what Google wants from your website in order to approve it in to the AdSense network. This post will also be kept updated as Google might change their requirements as time goes by.

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get approved by AdSense

Now and then.

Google has not always been as picky as they are right now when accepting websites to join the Google AdSense network. In fact, when I joined some years ago (around 2008-2009) I didn’t even have a working website. The only thing I had was a free domain name hosted on a 2 hours old blog. It was truly a great time for beginners to start their online income fast. However, today Google expects your website to fulfill some simple things in order to get approved to the AdSense network. These things involve website structure, domain name, content, colors, ads and similar things. Now let’s get started with what you have to do to get approved. It’s not as difficult as it may seem at first, just keep on reading.

1. Website structure.

If you ever want to make money online using the AdSense program then you better have a nice website template that is structured correctly. You should have a menu at the top or at the side of your website. You should also have the content easily accessible and the website should not require more than a few clicks for the visitor to get where he wants. This site is structured correctly; everything is easily accessible from anywhere on the website using the menu, side-links, footer-links or the search function. Having a good structure will give you a great advantage when applying for a Google AdSense account. Another thing to think about is the color of your website, do not mix colors like red background with blue text and so on, it will for sure make the site look really bad in the eyes of an AdSense staff.

2. Website Content and plagiarism.

Before applying for Google AdSense you should have at least 10-15 posts on your website, preferably with more than 500 words in each post. This makes your website look reliable and not just set up as a link-farm or “over-night” project. Google truly thinks that content is king, so give them all you got with original content. Avoid plagiarism at all costs, if you are found copying content from other sites and pasting it on your own just to get more content you will NOT get approved by AdSense. Plagiarism is one of the most stupid things anyone can do when having a website. It will not only make you look unserious, but it will also give you a huge search engine penalty and low amount of visitors. So if you got an auto-blog then just forget it, AdSense is not for you.

Racial, Violent, Pornographic websites will face rejection almost instantly by Adsense. Be sure not to post anything containing this even if you do get approved by AdSense because they will most likely shut down your account before you even reach your first payment. If you have any questions, then check the AdSense terms of service page. Your website must comply with it.

3. Avoid broken links.

Oh how Google hates broken links. Do not apply with a website full of links leading to 404 error pages or other non existing websites. If you own a big website you can fins services online to search your site for broken links. Also if you use WordPress on your website there is plug-ins to help you find and fix/delete broken links.

How to get approved by AdSense


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