How to Earn Money Online As a Freelance Content Writer ?

Have a knack for writing? Need money while you write? Content writing is your job, go grab it! Content writing is perhaps the easiest way to earn bucks online if you really have a flair for writing. The jobs available online are often tiresome and you do not earn enough for the hard labour you put in. Content writing both helps you as a writer and others who are reading the articles. So it is a both way benefit process. Various websites offer the opportunity of content writing. But often with varied (and odd) topics, it is difficult to prepare a write-up on it.

Freelance Content Writer

In this era of stiff competition if you don not make your article interesting, no one will actually read your writing. Here are a few points to be stressed upon while working as a content writer:

  • Firstly, know your topic well. Do the necessary research work from various sites on the net and then start writing. Providing wrong information definitely gives a negative impression of the website.
  • DO NOT copy-paste your article- thanks to the technological advancement, a plagiarism checking software, which holds your article straight and displays it  as copied if you simple lift informations. Moreover, the essence of your own writing style gets dissolved if you simply copy. Instead, do a proper research before writing. Even re-writing articles is not a good habit if you want to make a good name in the world of freelance writing.
  • Choose a proper title for your article which will give away your main topic of concern. It should not be too long.
  • A brief starting paragraph should be interesting enough to capture audience’s attention and your main topic.
  • Divide your articles into small paragraphs or in point forms. It is a natural human tendency to lose focus while reading elaborate write-ups. So short paragraphs or points make them notice the exact topics they are looking for. If they find your writing interesting, you never know, they might read the entire page later!
  • It is preferred not to use ornamental language. Keeping the content simple but informative will help you gather more readers.
  • Input of examples or anecdotes (in case of personal topics) enhances your writing.
  • Involving the readers in your content is a good way to draw their attention. For example, throw a rhetorical question while writing, or make them ponder upon some thought, or put in an active voice. This immediately catches the reader’s attention and acts as a relief from the long technical writing.
  • Also being very formal in your writing takes away the charm. Write as if you are communicating with your readers, not just supplying them with informations. But you cannot forgo on the basic English grammar. These days we are so used to “texting” that a whole new set of English words with amazing spellings (2mrw for tomorrow, wl for will, plz for please etc) have been developed. Content writers have to be very careful as to not follow these words or spellings.

So, keeping these few points in mind, you are game for freelance content writing!

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