How to Earn Money on Fiverr ?

Freelancing has now become one of the most popular as well as profitable online professions for the job seekers. It allows people to make use of your talent and skills to earn money on the internet by doing certain tasks for their clients. Although, there are tons of freelancing websites that you can go for, but choosing a right platform is also very important, especially when you are a beginner to freelancing. If you have been seeking for a good freelancing network, then Fiverr shall be the first answer coming out of my mouth if you will ask me to name a good freelancing platform. As Fiverr describes itself, it is a website for micro jobs. Basically, Fiverr is the place where people offer or take jobs that pays $5, hence the name. Odd jobs ranging from book cover design to writing, social marketing to video requests, Fiverr is a hub for all such jobs and more. In fact, the Fun & Bizarre category will give you a more appropriate idea of exactly how quirky and imaginative clients on Fiverr can get. Gone are the days when young adults waited at eateries to earn a few extra bucks; Fiverr is an ideal place for quick freelance work suitable for all age groups.


Unique Content Wins Everywhere


If you think you have some special skill or want a specific kind of job, you need to reach the right people for that. Although the internet is an excellent tool for a lot of things, it is also a bit too crowded. As hundreds and hundreds of people are asking for the same type of job as you, you need to create an impression that will make potential clients pick you over the others. Although some resort to eccentric ads and videos to get attention, nothing beats good content that covers the basics of your desired job. From blogging to SEO marketing and now to micro job hunting, unique content pays well.


Be Versatile and Post On Each Board


More often than not, the type of job you are looking for is suitable for posting in a number of boards on Fiverr. So, instead of splitting hair about which category is more appropriate for the job, post on all the relevant boards. The chances of getting discovered in a more crowded and conventional category is slim, so posting in a board that sees less footfall may just do the trick.


Some Handy Proof is Always Appreciated

Every internet user worth his salt knows that internet is full of scams. Some proof will definitely win you a lot of clients’ attention. So, if you are looking for a writing job, post a link to a previously published article, or if you are taking video requests, attach a sample.

Keep Working on Your Ad

If your posted ad is not faring well on Fiverr, don’t fuss over your gig. Try to modify the ad, make it more noticeable. Use meaningful title, add relevant content and above all, keep experimenting. Sound advertising is the first step to freelance work.

Keep it Simple and Make Templates

You have to remember that at the end of the job, you will be five dollars richer. That is not a lot, so don’t invest yourself too much in the work. For $5, your clients are clearly not looking for the best quality, but quick service. So break down the job in templates whenever possible to get results quickly with less effort.

Although Fiverr remains the first of its kind, many such micro job websites have sprung up since. TenBux, GigHour, UpHype, Zeerk, GigBucks are but a few of the fast growing niche. In fact, because of its huge entrepreneurial potential such small freelance job websites are popping up left, right and centre over the internet. But even from an uncomplicated client’s perspective, Fiverr is the perfect place to earn five dollars by running errands for someone else.

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