How to Double Up Your Blog’s Traffic Today ?

Blogging has become a  means of brand building and marketing for most business bloggers. In fact it’s a platform that allows connectivity and gives bloggers the opportunity to express, teach, and educate others. Blogging is good, but it’s useless if there is no traffic. Many newbie bloggers face the challenge of getting visitors to their blog after they have built it. If you  want visitors to locate your blog, then it’s important you take few steps to increase your blog traffic.

blog traffic

Write Quality Articles

Yeah, you always need to write epic content. Ensure you provide quality and informative articles to your blog because quality content is the backbone of any growing blog. Don’t stuff your article with keywords. Don’t write for the purpose of keywords, instead write for your readers ( they will love you more).

Don’t Write to Make Google Happy

Write good and quality articles, forget about Google ( keywords). Do not disturb your flow of creativity when writing… the keywords will come in, do not worry.

Be the Part of a Blogging Community

It is better to work as a team than working by yourself (you will achieve more results if you work with a group of people). Join a team of bloggers who will share content to their personal bookmarking and social media networks. This way, your content will spread faster and it will increase your rank on the search engines.

Join Social Networks and Utilize Them Properly

You can create a fan page on Facebook, invite friends, and love ones to join. You can also start talking to people you know. Update your profile regularly and provide answers to questions they might have (by doing this, they will see you as an expert in your field). Then you can invite them to your blog and show off your latest epic content.

Guest Blogging – Let’s Make it Work

Guest posts mean writing quality articles for generating traffic and back links. Write quality contents and send as guest posts to top blogs in your niche. Guest posting will increase your credibility, connect you with top bloggers in your niche, and help generate mass traffic. It is a very good way of generating fast traffic.

Take Advantage of Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a very good way to share your content across the web with just a click of a button. You can tag your blog with keywords on major bookmarking sites like Digg and stumble upon. It makes it easier for people to find your blog (I mean, your target audience).

Explore Around the Online Forums

Participate in major forums in your niche. Showcase your knowledge and experience by giving quality answers to questions. At first, don’t introduce your product or services. Instead, help other members grow (they’ll love you more and some may decide to check out your blog).

If you really want traffic (targeted traffic), ensure you implement the above tips and also re-appraise yourself on a regular basis.

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