How to Choose a Topic for Your New Blog ?

What gain is there, in blogging on a topic that’s profitable but you’re not passionate about or choosing a topic you’re passionate about but does not generate any cash. The web is evolving and only the fittest will survive. The secret to running a profitable blog is not in the design nor the quality of your content but blogging a topic you can write on even when someone wakes you by night. Yeah, that’s what is called passion, and you should always follow it in your journey to success.

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When I first started blogging online, one of the first mistakes I made was blogging a topic I wasn’t passionate about. Seriously, what motivated me into starting a blog wasn’t because I enjoy blogging but because of the profit I saw behind it. That mentality attracted failure. And …. I failed again, and again.

I failed woefully!

If you’re starting or choosing a blog topic just because of the profit behind it, you’re attracting failure. Don’t ever make this mistake because, it can ruin your blogging business right from the start.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you, vital steps you can take in choosing a blog topic

These tips are going to guide you in choosing a blog topic.

1. Choose a blog topic you’re passionate about, one that you can write even when they wake you from bed!

I always tell my fellow colleagues ( Bloggers) that I can easily write a thousand to two thousand word article within an hour

How is this possible?

Because it’s what I enjoy writing about .

If you’re ever going to succeed in blogging, you have to blog about a topic you love. You have to blog about your passion–desire–dream– and the things that surround you. Just follow yourself and see the magic.

These guys have conquered the blogging world and they’re perfect examples you can learn from.

If you read the topics they blog about,  you’ll notice that what the things they write about are based on their interests. — No wonder they could achieve so much.

Pro Tip: Blogging about your passion will give you an upper hand.

2. Create a balance.

Don’t choose a topics just because it’s profitable or because you’re passionate about it ( though important). No, don’t do that–instead, create a balance!

Pro Tip: Create a perfect balance. Be smart. Blog about money and your passion.

3.  Choose a topic that creates a two way conversation

Create a two way conversational post.


Write a post that engages you ( The blogger) and your audience. Let the topic gear them up to speak and don’t forget to reply whenever readers email you or leave comments on your blog.

Pro Tip: Be submissive, receptive and responsive to your readers. Creating a profitable blog business depends solely on these three brothers, so be very careful with that.

4. Choose a topic you enjoy researching

I asked Google out on a date last night and you know what her reply was? Well, she said ”Yes”!


Because I crafted a well researched–fresh–persuasive and heart’s killing content. That was all I did–nothing else!

If you really want to succeed in blogging, you need to learn how to research. I mean, you need to choose a topic you enjoy researching on. In order for your blog to be successful, you need to keep writing and researching, reading other top blogs in your niche and keep up with current news and events.

5. Choose a blog topic you don’t mind debating with other people

The blogosphere is made up of people from all walk of life. People with different interest–varying opinions– and mindset.

As your blog grows, not everybody will agree with everything you write. Some will find one thing or the other to accuse you. In fact, some people may go as far as telling other people that you’re not a true professional.

If you’ve ever come across such people, ignore them and don’t do behave like you heard anything.

Pro Tip: The very best and successful bloggers enjoy discussing  blog topics from different angles and are very open to comments. (  I mean, most of them appreciate healthy debates).

Your Turn!

Do you have any other tips to add to the ones above? Any suggestion? Do let me know in the comment section

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