How to choose a good domain name

Choosing a domain name.

Ever since we stopped using IP addresses to locate websites and moved over to domain names there has been a great deal of website owners not being able to decide what to name their website. A domain name has much more value when it comes to succeeding online than most of us think. A bad domain name can make our sales go down a lot while a good domain name will make you look trustworthy and in turn generate more money. In this article I will talk about choosing a domain name and what you have to think about when doing so.

Before choosing a domain name you will have to figure out what your website will be all about. Your domain name should try to reflect the content of your website. Now there are basically three different ways that you can use to do this.

how to choose good domain names

1)  2.0 domain names – Having a “two-point-one” domain name as it’s called is a great way to create a unique name that will be easy to remember for your visitors. Examples of a 2.0 domain name would be Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Fiverr. They have all created a name that did not exist before they started using it; they then built their services marketing this name. 2.0 domain names are often very brand able, just remember that they need to be pronounceable. For example, don’t name a website “ukwci”; try to come up with something catchy that people don’t forget in a second. After all, we stopped using IP addresses to locate websites just because it was too hard to remember them, so why buy a weir domain name like that.

2)  Keyword rich domain names – These domain names are very SEO targeted, meaning that they are not always as brand able as a 2.0 domain name, but they give more boost in search engines. Having a keyword in your domain name helps the search engines to know what your site is all about; however, it will look less personal and trustworthy in some cases. There are three ways to create a keyword targeted domain name.

  • Exact match domain:
  • Exact match hyphenated domain:
  • Containing all words, but no exact match:

Take our domain name for example, It would class as number three “containing all words, but no exact match”. It is obvious that our domain name is named this way to get more search engine value for the keyword “make money online”, however, the exact match domain was already taken, so was the hyphenated one, so we had to put an “x” in front of the name. This is not an optimal domain name if you want your users to remember it, however it might give some value for ranking better in search engines.

3)  Self-promoting domain names – Domain names that are promoting yourself. This can be your own name “”. These domain names can bring a lot of trustworthiness to your website since your readers instantly knows that you have nothing to hide and that you are even revealing your real name. By having such a domain name you will be able to create a more personal website where you can convince people easier. If you are a good writer then selling things will not be that difficult since it’s easier to get them to trust you. These domains are however not that good for search engine purposes if you are targeting specific keywords. However if you want to build an online reputation they are awesome.

4)  Cheap/free domain names – This is not a path you want to choose if you ever want to seriously make money from a website. These domain names are just shouting out loud that you are unserious, unprofessional, cheap and inexperienced. Below are some examples.

  • Free domain names: .tk and .free are two domain extensions that offer free domain names. However, these are not ranking well in search engines; they often have bad terms for using them which gives the company the rights of taking back the domain name at any time or deleting it. Another popular cheap domain names is the “.info” domain. These have almost no value nowadays. They are mainly used by spammers all over the web and since they are so cheap they give no authority.
  • Sub-domains: Some famous sub-domains are “”, “” and “”. If you host a website on these domains you have no control over your own website, you are often limited to space and bandwidth and you can be shut down at any time. They will also make you look very cheap and inexperienced when it comes to running a website. If your goal is to make money from your website then having a sub-domain name can totally crush that dream.

5)  Too short domain names – So you found a domain name with only 3 or 4 letters? Well that doesn’t mean that it’s any good. I see a lot of people daily trying to get their hand on domain names such as “” just because they are short, however they are not keyword targeted or easy to remember and they actually give no extra value at all. If you want a short domain name then try to name it pronounceable.

I hope that this helped you a bit on the way for choosing a domain name. Of course there are other things you may want to keep in mind as well, but we’ll talk more about them later on.

Another question that I have been asked a few times is if there is any difference by choosing a .com, .net or .org domain name. The short answer is no. However if you want a better one then here it is.

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They all have the same value in search engines, however the .com domain is the most popular that’s why it’s spotted more times in search engines.  “.com” stands for commercial, “.org” stands for organization and “.net” stands for network. But no one really cares for what they stand for anymore since people are just grabbing the domain name they like. They are all TLD’s which stands for Top Level Doman names. This means that they rank well in all countries. A domain name that ends with “.se” for example is a ccTLD domain name, aka Country Code Top Level Domain name. This means that it does not rank that well internationally, but it ranks well in Sweden which it is created for.

I hope this cleared up some questions you guys had. Now get out there, buy a good domain name and start making money from that website. In later posts I will also explain how you can “flip” domain names, meaning that you buy domain names that have a value to people and then sell them for even more money than they originally cost. Have a great day everyone!

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