How Much to Charge for a Paid Review on Your Blog?

It is very common for many bloggers to receive emails which ask them to do a review on a service, product, websites, ebooks and such. In most cases the blogger is in a dilemma on whether the price they are offered is a fair one. And there is no doubt about the fact that paid reviews are a way to make easy money for webmasters.

All blogs do not deserve the same price for a paid review, so there is no way that I can tell you an exact pricing which can be quoted as fair. So I have listed a few parameters which should be taken into account while deciding how much you should charge for a paid review on your blog.

How Much to Charge for a Paid Review on Your Blog?

Google Page Rank

This is a very important factor when you decide the price for a paid review. As if you have a very good page ranks then you are providing link juice to the advertiser. This will eventually help the advertiser move up in search engine result placements. Just to give you an estimate, any blog with a Page Rank 3 should charge a minimum of $25 for each review.

Blog Traffic

Traffic on a blog also plays a big role when we think about deciding the amount of money we should charge for a review on our blog. I would recommend charging $50 to $100 for a paid review if your blog gets 300-600 page views on daily basis. And you can think of charging from $100 to $500 if your blog gets 1000 to 10000 plus page views on daily basis.

Alexa Rank

Although a controversial tool due to the method Alexa ranks websites – it is still in the top factors of decision for every advertiser. Moreover, an Alexa rank also takes into account the time spent by a user at your website. So if you have a very good Alexa rank then you can easily quote a premium price for any paid review that you do on your blog.

RSS Subscribers

The number of people who subscribe to your blog is important. As the paid review which you do will be sent by mail to all your readers. More over, it is the trust in the information you provide that made them subscribe to your blog. So basically the advertiser is leveraging your image to sell its products to you readers. That is why you should ensure that the price you set does justice.

ROI for the advertiser

The kind of profit that the advertiser makes from the review on your blog is a major factor to decide how much to charge the advertiser. For example, if you are reviewing a web host or an SEO company then for even a single sale they are earning up to $50 to $100 or maybe even more. Considering that the post you make for them is permanent, it could result in more than one sale easily. So it will be wise if you charge anywhere from $100 upwards for a paid review for such kind of advertisers.

The price for a paid review in each blog will vary. It is important that you remember you are always free to quote the price which you expect and you will get the value for the review you make.

What is your opinion on pricing paid reviews?

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