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This is a review site: Click here to visit Gaming Jobs Online Official Website

I have nothing against Gaming Jobs Online whatsoever and I also have no relations with them. I want you to know that I will be giving you an honest and unbiased review of Gaming Jobs Online. What you are about to read will be essential and I would try to be as detailed as possible. I will be telling you EXACTLY what you need to know before you get a membership for yourself.

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Gaming Jobs Online Review – What Exactly Is Gaming Jobs Online?

Gaming Jobs Online is a third party company that connects ordinary gamers like me to major gaming companies.

They are actually the #1 source for game testing jobs since 2008. Their job is basically to get ordinary gamers to give an honest and unbiased opinion of games after actually testing them.

This is very important in gaming because it helps developers to fix any bugs we find in the game and fix it. The reason why this is so important to these companies is that a better game equals more money for them.

Gaming Jobs Online Scam ? or How does it Work?

Gaming Jobs Online find game playing jobs, XBOX jobs PS3 jobs etc and bring them to us instead of we going to them.

There are all different types of jobs that we get access to instantly after becoming a Gaming Jobs Member. For instance; work at home game tester jobs, online surveys and paid surveys jobs and many more.

Once you become a member you will gain access to video tutorials that will help you get started right away to make your first money being a game tester.

gaming jobs online

I Have Never Been A Game Tester Before Can I Still Get A Game Tester Job?

Even people who have never tested a game before are qualified for getting a job at Game Jobs Online.

They are looking for a person who loves gaming to give an honest and unbiased opinion of a game after they have given you to test it.

Click here to visit Gaming Jobs Online Official Website

So now that you have known exactly how it works, I’ll show you both the good things about Gaming Jobs Online and the bad things about Gaming Jobs Online.

The NOT so good things about Gaming Jobs Online

Just like the other places I have a review of ways to earn money by gaming I found that the #1 source for game testing jobs was still at fault.

– Gaming Jobs Online requires you to set your own hours to work. Here is the thing unless you are self-disciplined and actually is responsible enough a person; you would not be wasting a cool $27 a month. May of times I felt as though hey I don’t want to work today and so forth I did not.

– Some of these online surveys can be lengthy and could take up to an hour to get it all done especially if you’re a bit slower to reading and so forth.

Good things about Gaming Jobs Online

After becoming a member of Gaming Jobs Online myself I must say that there were a few things that stood out amongst the rest of make money from gaming jobs I reviewed.

gaming jobs online review

– The one thing that stood out for me is its ease to get started making money by playing video games. The video tutorials will help you get started right away making your first money online gaming.

– Gaming Jobs Online pays you on time and they pay you very healthy for your work. I can depend on my check coming in on time every time. An average hour of work per day for me is about $20 and that is average. Sometimes I make $40 an hour sometimes $5 an hour. I get paid sometimes more than $100 an hour to participate in a focus group; which is extremely fun.

– You are allowed to play, test and keep new games or Consoles.

– I feel as though I am extremely important and that they need me instead of me needing the money. I truly feel as though my opinion matters to them and they value it.

– You set your own working hours and once you are responsible enough there are tons of ways to make money from gaming.

Overall what do I think?  

Gaming Jobs Online, aka as the #1 source for gaming testing jobs, in my eyes is the best guide to begin a gaming career.

If you are in search of how to make money with video games this is a great place to start. I make money and you can make money from gaming also. There are thousands of game vacancies and for sure you can get started today. If you are currently in search of how to get money playing video games I urge you search no more.

I definitely feel you should get a membership to Gaming Jobs Online. It’s a measly $27 a month and they will then get you started making money from video games today. It is definitely worth the shot and I guarantee you would not regret it!

Gaming Jobs Online Bonus

Every gamer deserves to get paid for gaming! After all its time-consuming…………. Well, I guess we just should get paid!

Join Gaming Jobs Online today and get this Unique Job System where you can….

Get paid to Play New and Soon To Be Released Games

Get paid big bucks to take online surveys and make anywhere between $5 and $75 for each survey!

Get paid up to $150 per hour to participate in focus groups!

Test and keep new Games or Consoles

Review Game trailers and get paid up to $4 to $25 an hour

Also, you can get paid to review new Games for up to $30 an hour

Who Am I?

I am 27 years old and I’ve been playing video games all my life. I have played professionally making money doing what I love best. I know all about the hype and the excitement of playing video games. I also know about all the criticism video gamers get from their family and loved ones also. I myself have been subject to that.

My goal is to review video gaming jobs online and provide my best opinion of whether or not it is a good choice for you or your loved ones. I take great joy in providing my readers and visitors with completely unbiased reviews.

I also believe in adding valuable content to my reader’s lives.If you are in search of an honest Gaming Jobs Online Review, you have come to the right place.

I hope this helps you make the right decision. If you need added assistance please feel free to contact me.


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