Forever Lazy Review

First, there was the Snuggie, now there’s Forever Lazy, a one-piece pajama suit created for adults and teens. This cozy suit features a zip-up front and zippered rear hatch along with a drawstring hood for extra warmth and comfort. Available in asleep on the job gray, workday blues, and hanky pinky fuchsia, Forever Lazy is made for men, women, and kids. These fleece suits are available in small through extra-large.

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forever lazy review


  • Great for adults and kids
  • Includes zippered hatches
  • Features a hood for extra warmth
  • Available in standard sizes
  • Made from no-pill fleece


  • Too comfy
  • Limited color choices

The Story

As childhood friends and Wisconsinites Tyler Galganski and Dave Hibler discovered first hand, necessity is the mother of invention. Originally dubbed the Uni-Lazy, this fleece union suit for adults started with a conversation about the awesomeness of being able to wear a cozy one-piece suit like a kid and getting away with it. Upping the ante, Hibler went online and ordered an adult onesie like the one he had described.

Ultimately, Hibler was disappointed with the quality of the product and its features, so he contacted clothing manufacturers about making something that fit his deliberately casual style.

Although originally conceived as a novelty, the Uni-Lazy was a hit. The pair sold more than 10,000 one-piece pajamas in the first 18 months. Their wildly successful product propelled them from Hibler’s parents’ basement into the mainstream media.

Galganski and Hibler, the masterminds behind this fleece onesie for adults, were finalists in Businessweek’s feature to determine America’s 25 Best Young Entrepreneurs, and they have also been featured on MSNBC, ABC, NBC’s Today Show and the magazine In Touch Weekly.

Pop princess Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas gifted several of the original Uni-Lazy fleece suits to celebrity friends for Christmas in 2010. According to personal interviews, the dynamic duo behind the suit still loves wearing their fleecy creations all the time.

Product Features

Ideal for snow days, cold days and winter weather, Forever Lazy envelops adults and kids in warm, breathable, anti-pill fleece. This one-piece fleece suit is the ultimate in comfortable loungewear. Now adults can enjoy that cozy pajama feeling all day.

Thanks to the complete coverage of the suit and the drawstring hood, Forever Lazy makes shoveling snow, walking the dogs and trekking to the mailbox warmer and a little more comfortable.

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Each Forever Lazy suit is made with machine washable polar fleece that has unique anti-pill properties, so it will stay soft and plush forever. Also known as a style of long underwear, union suits were invented in the 1800s before many Americans have central heat.

These one-piece suits that cover the wearer from head to toe are designed to provide warmth in the coldest months of the year. Borrowing from century-old garment innovations, the Forever Lazy suit features a convenient drop-seat hatch with a two-way zipper that makes it easy to answer nature’s calling without disrobing or experiencing the slightest draft.

When twenty-something inventors Tyler Galganski and Dave Hibler came up with the idea, they thought it would be great for college students, teens and anyone that loves lounging around on the weekends. Although their predictions were a little off, the Forever Lazy concept was a huge hit with senior citizens, camping enthusiasts, and hospital patients.

It turns out that the zippered access points and a roomy fit make Forever Lazy great for post-op hospital stays because medical monitoring equipment can be attached directly through openings in the suit. The loose-fitting cut is great for lounging and anyone who wants to enjoy an unrestricted range of motion while staying warm and cozy.

Product Options

Made for kids and adults, Forever Lazy is available in standard sizes, including extra small through extra large. Because Forever Lazy is designed for relaxing, lounging and hanging around the house, their sizes tend to be a little larger and roomier than usual.

To ensure the best fit, consult the manufacturer’s size chart, which features height and weight graph with size options to accommodate teens and adults at least five feet tall with a body weight of 100 pounds or more. The brand’s extra large size is designed to comfortably accommodate big and tall wearers with a body weight between 215 and 260 pounds and average height between 6’ 1” and 6’ 5”.

With three color options, including girly fuchsia, unisex gray and royal blue, these warm and wonderful fleece suits make great gifts for boys and girls on any shopping list. This machine-washable marvel is the ultimate addition to any collection of comfort wear.

Because it’s made from breathable polar fleece, this one-piece suit is warmer, cozier and comfier than flannel pajamas, sweatpants, and a Snuggie combined. With this warm fleece suit, Forever Lazy families can turn down the heat and still stay warm and cozy in the winter.

How it’s Used

Designed by two professional couch potatoes, this indulgent fleece suit is the ideal piece of comfort-oriented clothing. Because it keeps hands and arms free, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished while wearing this warm and fuzzy winter-wear item.

The comfort-oriented design is great for sick days, lounge days, snow days, weekend relaxation and winter ski vacations. Although the infomercial shows a gang of fleece-wearing friends tailgating at the game, where one wears their warm and snuggly suit is a personal choice.

Marketed by the As Seen on TV brand APG, the same group behind the Snuggie, the product is currently available at online at the manufacturer’s website. For a limited time, buyers can get two ultra-soft fleece onesies for the price of one when they cover an extra processing and handling charge.

This two-for-one Forever Lazy offer is a great way to get an extra fleece suit for someone special or a second color for personal use. Consumers also get two pairs of matching fleece footies with every order. Now is a great time to stay forever warm and comfy with this warm and wonderful fleece suit.

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