Five Tips for Creating Great Landing Pages

To really succeed with an online marketing strategy, great landing pages are crucial. Landing pages, if done well, can be a portal for your website visitors to become more actively engaged with your business. It can compel them to become buying customers right away, or at the very least, get on to your list of potential clients.

The Landing Page Defined

What is a landing page? It is a specific type of web page related to online marketing that is created to achieve a desired result. This outcome could be a sale, a lead, software download, newsletter signup, or some other specific action. The user sees the landing page right after they click on a “call to action,” which can reside on a website, blog page or social media page. The call to action is usually a message like, “Click here for more details,” “Learn more about receiving a free ebook” or similar compelling offer.

Five Tips for Creating Great Landing Pages

The most common objectives of a landing page are:

  • To make a sale.
  • To achieve a visitor’s signup or registration information in order to generate a lead. Examples would be signing up for a newsletter or a free quote for insurance. Ultimately, the goal of collecting the information is to lead to the sale of a product or service.
  • To profile, screen and “qualify” a visitor to deliver additional and more relevant information to follow up with them later.
  • To explain the value of the proposition offered and set the business apart from competitors.
  • To anticipate and answer any questions the visitor might have.
  • To build trust by communicating the values, objectives and brand mission of the company.
  • If the visitor chooses not to share their contact details right away, provide them with traditional company contact information (such as a phone number.) Also, showcase reasons the visitor should return to the site in the future via other relevant content or upcoming offers (i.e. regularly occurring sales or the release of coupons, etc.)

What Makes a Great Landing Page?

Unfortunately, the bounce rate on most landing pages is notoriously high. However, there are some proven techniques you can employ to make your landing pages more likely to achieve the desired result:

1. Make the Page Accessible and User-Friendly

Avoid clutter by implementing clean design with plenty of white space. Choose graphic elements selectively to make your landing page easy and enjoyable to read all the way through. Be aware of page flow and direct the viewer’s eye naturally to the “Buy Now” and “Submit” buttons.

2. Communicate Clearly

Employ an impactful headline combined with a strong first two sentences. Make sure all of the copy on the page is very well written, accurate, clear, relevant and free of mistakes.

3. Be Persuasive

Convey a bit of urgency with a motivating call to action. Put a deadline on your offer, or make reference to a “limited supply” of whatever you are selling. Place at least three “Buy Now” or “Submit” throughout the page and a tasteful number of popups or other special features.

4. Inspire Trust

Add elements to your landing page that convey the trustworthiness of your company. These can include a no-risk money-back guarantee, a Better Business Bureau logo (if you are a member), or a Facebook “Like” button with lots of “Likes.”

5. Consider Landing Page Software

For those of you still feel mystified about the landing page creation process, there are a number of software programs available that can help you master the art of creating a great landing page for your WordPress site or blog.

Landing page software templates are well known for their convenience, functionality and ease of use. They simplify the landing page creation process and are favored by newcomers to landing page design. The templates tend to be very flexible and user-friendly. They can be used for sales letters, click-throughs and lead generations. No coding is required, and the templates are customizable. Most page creation involves pointing and clicking on different desired elements to build a new page. From there, you’ll fill in clearly-defined fields to create your copy. Pre-written copy acts as a guide, and follows time-tested techniques.

Keeping these landing page tips in mind can help maximize your chances of a lower bounce rate and more lead creation. This will ultimately lead to more more sales, which means more revenue for your business. Landing page creation need not be a mystery; use these five tips for making great landing pages, and start attracting more customers and more sales.

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