Difference Between Car And Motor Cycle Insurance

Do you understand the difference between car and motorcycle insurance? Below is a breakdown on the insurance covers that will help you understand.

One thing you need to understand about motorcycle and car insurance is they the two different types of vehicle. Motorcycle insurance covers two wheel vehicles while the car insurance is designed to cover four wheel vehicles. It’s not possible to apply an insurance cover meant for motor vehicle to car or the vice versa.

It’s obvious that motorcycle insurance will always be cheaper compared to a car insurance cover. The reason being that there is no that big damage you can do with a motorcycle as compared to that of a car. Also their prices differ so much.

Most Insurance agencies and companies only cover the vehicles against accidents and damages. The cover may include; if a tornado whips your vehicle, if somebody inexplicitly smashes your window, you will probably be considered. The insurance will come in and pay for the expenses. This is usually called comprehensive coverage.

For motorcycles, the policy may be different. Insurance companies will always want you to apply for specific policies otherwise in case of any other thing, they may require you to pay an added premium to custom your cycle. For insurance to cover you or your vehicle in case of an accident, you need to have a valid driving licence. It advisable to book driving practical test before you applies for the driving licence.

Insurance coverage-Most of the people who own motorcycles may only be riding them on weekends or only on specific days of the week. You can therefore apply for insurance to only cover these periods of time. by doing this; you can save on costs incurred on the insurance cover. This would be an advantage for the occasional riders to have the insurance cover at lower and affordable cost.

On the other hand, owners of vehicles use them more than ever. It may therefore not be possible to apply the insurance to cover only specific times. You can decide to pay a whore year cover or be paying monthly so long as your car is always covered.

Passenger you can carry-It’s always assumed that you will carry several passengers on your car and so they must be covered by the regular policy. For the motorcycle however, if you want to carry a passenger who is to be covered on the policy, then you will be needed to pay an additional coverage.

Motorcycle insurance policy covers the accessories that you need while riding your bike. These include the helmet, gloves etc. These are accessories that may get damaged in only one accident. For the car insurance, rarely do they cover anything but the car and the passengers or sometimes all the occupants.

Car policy may cover a wider are as compared to motorcycle. If for example you live in United States of America, your car insurance may be applied to cover several states. For a motorbike you are only allowed to insure it while in only one state. If anything happens while out of the state covered, then you cannot be compensated.

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