Create A Local Wedding Services Guide & Website

Planning a wedding is meant to be fun and exciting for couples, but sometimes it can become challenging and downright difficult. Brides normally want their weddings to be perfect up to the smallest detail which makes planning it seem like a major production.

Just choosing a wedding venue or coming up with a reasonable guest list takes a lot of time and effort and for couples with not enough time to spare, planning a wedding can turn out to be frustrating too. Some of them often wish they could find a one-stop shop for all their wedding needs.

Creating a local wedding services guide and website is a perfect solution. It’s like a one-stop, wedding and bridal fair except that it is online, easy and very convenient.

Almost everyone nowadays turn to the internet for anything, so creating a local wedding services guide and website is just another way to make life easier, particularly for couples planning the wedding of their dreams. It will help them plan, organize and work on all the nitty-gritty details that make up a wedding by just clicking away at your website.

Create A Local Wedding Services Guide & Website

Couples can be easily overwhelmed by the one hundred and one details to decide in their wedding so your website’s objective is to show them what they need to do by presenting it in an easy-to-read and user-friendly format. You may start by providing them with inspiration through different wedding themes you can feature on your website. Allow them to work on the finer details of the theme by continually browsing through your site where you will present them with a wide array of wedding items to choose from.

Before you create your local wedding services guide and website, make a list of all the items involved in a wedding. This may include wedding dresses, wedding cake, food catering, wedding invitations, wedding souvenirs or a wedding program. Organize it more by subdividing the list into pre-wedding, wedding day and post-wedding lists.

Brainstorm with your friends if you have to. Do your research or observe actual weddings to come up with a comprehensive list. Include even the smallest wedding detail that you wouldn’t want to miss like it was your own. This list will serve as your guide in building your website. You can make this same list available in your website too, as a Wedding Planning Checklist. Present it in printer-friendly version to make it extra useful.

Subdivide your website into sections, with each section devoted to one wedding item. You can have a whole section on wedding themes featuring vintage, Victorian, beach or even budget wedding themes. List as many choices as possible. Include pictures and write down some advice on how to create the theme they want for their wedding.

For the section on flowers, showcase different kinds of flowers and floral arrangements. Add some text discussing the symbolism of flowers in a wedding, what type of flowers go best with a specific wedding theme as well as where to find the best buy in your local area.

You can then feature a list of possible vendors and their contact information. Make sure you have made prior arrangements with vendors before featuring them in your website. You can approach or write them a letter with an invitation to advertise in your website for a fee. Vendors would surely appreciate the additional exposure even if it also incurs additional expense.

In choosing your vendors make sure you have seen their products yourself or have heard testimonies about their service. If you have to recommend them in your website, make sure they can deliver. Your credibility will be at stake here too.

To further make money from your wedding website, enroll it in an ad serving application such as Google AdSense. Advertisements related to your content will be automatically placed on your website by the administrator and you will earn on a pay-per-click basis.

Make your wedding website as rich in content as possible to ensure success with AdSense. You can set up a similar application in your website too that will also allow you to earn for every click your customers make on wedding-related businesses you feature in your local wedding services guide and website.

If you know your way well on the internet, you will find a lot of other applications that you can use to further monetize your website content. If you don’t, you can always seek help from a professional. The web designer’s fee is a small price to pay for the stream of revenue that will surely result from a fully-loaded, content-rich website.

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