Could Facebook Ads Hurt Your Business?

We all know Facebook is the biggest social media website in the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should advertise on Facebook. On the other hand, if a billion people use Facebook every day maybe Facebook ads are a good idea. Here are a few things to consider.

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facebook ads

Facebook is a social website, meaning users go there for social interaction not to shop. Users want to see what their friends are up to, ie what is the new hot song I need to download, or what is the best new iPhone app etc. Thus, you need to understand this when planning a Facebook ad campaign. Your ads have to be excellent to get someone’s attention, and to get them to click on it. Also, conversion rates from Facebook ads might be lower then from other mediums.

However, Facebook ads allow you to target your niche better then any other medium. For example, you can target 20-25 year old males that live in the US, like Ohio State football, and went to Notre Dame University. The ability to target very specific people helps you save moneyon advertising and makes sure your ads gets to its intending target.

Knowing all of the pros and cons, at Residual Income Life we fully support using Facebook ads for your blog, product, service, or whatever you want to advertise. Now here are a few tips to help make your Facebook ads the best and most affective they can be.

1. Your Image is the most important part of your ad. It is what will or wont be eye catching.

  • By far a picture of a Pretty Woman will get you the most clicks, but if that girl has nothing to do with your product or service then those might end up being wasted clicks.
  • Using a Colorful image can also be very helpful in catching people’s attention.
  • You need the picture to be Interesting, which totally depends on your niche. If you are a sports blog maybe a picture of a pro athlete would be a good choice.
  • Moving objects are another good option for your photo. With all of the “stuff” going on with a Facebook page a moving image of the side bar will still stick out.

2. Now we come to the second most important part of your ad, the Headline.

  • An Eye Catching Headline: Use of Questions have been very popular recently, and have converted well. Questions get the reader thinking and engaged instantly.
  • The Goal of your headline is to get the reader to next line of copy ie. read your ad & click on it.
  • Have a good landing page: It will all be for not if you have great ads that get lots of clicks and an awful landing page. If someone clicks on your ad you have won the first battle, but part two is having a great landing page that sells them on whatever your product or service is. To help make this transition easier you can use the same colors in your ads as on landing page
  • Amazing Ad Copy: Clearly define an action, “Click here”, “Click here  & do this”, or “Visit this page & enter this” are a few examples. You can also list benefits of your product.
  • Test, Test, Test: Test numerous different ads try running 20-30 different ads at a time for a campaign, pause the ones that don’t work, and move on.

Thanks for all of your support.

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