Have Fun without Raiding the Bank with These Cheap Entertainment Ideas

Everyone needs entertainment but not everyone has enough money for every form of recreation that might interest them. However, that does not mean there are not plenty of things to do in your area and around the home. The trick is looking for discounts and finding ways to have others pitch in to create fun-filled activities.

Things to do at home

Stay home and do these activities with friends and family.

  • Have a movie night at home. Rent a movie and pop your own popcorn. There is no comparing the costs for this vs. the movie theater, which can be further magnified by choosing older or borrowed movies.
  • Invite friends and neighbors to a potluck at your home. You’ll get to catch up with friends and taste a variety of foods without a huge restaurant bill.
  • Have game night with the family. Bring out the board games and play a few that the whole family can enjoy. You can also do a jigsaw puzzle together.
  • Do a project. Look online for craft ideas. If you have some scraps of wood lying around, build something small, like a birdhouse. Look for something simple that does not require hard-to-find materials or a lot of expertise.
  • Go outside and play sports. If you have a large backyard, have a family soccer or football game. If you have a basketball court, shoot some hoops.

Things to do away from home

Cheap Entertainment

If you are looking to get out of the house, here are some fun things you can do on a budget.

  • Go to the local park. You can go for a walk while the kids entertain themselves at the playground. This can lead to hours of free fun.
  • Go to the museum. Some museums have free or discounted admissions during the week. Check online for a schedule.
  • Attend an amateur sports game. If you like sporting events, go watch an amateur football team play instead of an NFL game. In addition to saving money and avoiding hassles, amateur games often offer better views and more fun.
  • Look for free concerts in your area. Check your local newspaper or look online to find upcoming events nearby.
  • Go the library. There are books, movies, magazines and a nice, relaxing atmosphere, not to mention the chance of running into a friend.
  • Eat out for cheap. Restaurant.com sells restaurant gift certificates for cheap. You can get a $25 gift certificate for as little as $2.
  • Check out the activities at the local college campus. There are often movies, plays, concerts and lectures for free or a nominal admission fee.
  • If you’re going to a bar, go during happy hour. You can get $1 drinks and even free or inexpensive food.
  • Look for art shows or openings if art galleries in your area. You can often attend for free and check out some artwork by local artists while you’re there. Some also offer free drinks and appetizers.
  • Join a book club or form your own. You can spend time with friends discussing a favorite book. It will also motivate you to spend more time reading.
  • Take a hike. Hiking in the wilderness offers exercise, fresh air and great views in places where there is little to buy.
  • Go to pick-your-own farms. Some people enjoy the experience of harvesting (not to mention the savings it offers), and many of these places offer cheap forms of rural entertainment for families.

Other tips

  • Eat or drink before going out. If food and drink are not the reason for leaving home, consume them at home instead (or bring them along).
  • Volunteer. People seek entertainment because it makes them feel good. With this in mind, remember that helping people and doing the right thing can offer the best feelings of all.
  • Don’t carry much money. Entertainment can be the most tempting thing to overspend on when cash is on hand.

Hopefully, these tips give you some ideas of activities you can do by yourself or with your friends and family this weekend – without breaking the bank.

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