Make Money with CashCrate – CashCrate Review

Are you aware that there are companies out there who are literally handing out top dollars to utilize users just like yourselves to sample their services and products at absolutely no cost to you? The people at CashCrate will give those dollars to you in the simplest fashion. All you have to do is complete offers (which again are free of charge) and then make money without ever spending one red cent! Sound too good to be true? Certainly not!

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What you may have heard:
There have been too much online rumors about CashCrate being a scam. The problem is that no one taught these complainers how to proficiently utilize CashCrate, or even know the slightest thing regarding it for that matter. As with anything, there are a number of guidelines to follow. If you don’t “get it”, have someone explain it so that you don’t miss a really good opportunity.

CashCrate review

Here are the pros of CashCrate:

  • CashCrate has worldwide availability.
  • CashCrate’s Better Business Bureau reviews are available for your perusal at This is significant because it is an assurance that the BBB hasn’t received lots of damaging complaints.
  • CashCrate is available to anyone 13 years old or older. Forget the paper routes!
  • The low minimum payout is only $20 (not bad considering that some others are higher).
  • CashCrate has a two-tier referral program.
  • CashCrate offers quick support in the form of forums visited by people just like you and more.
  • Speaking of helpful forums: They are completely safe for the junior entrepreneurs in your family.
  • There are plenty of no-cost high yield offers and surveys for you to take advantage of, so you’ll be able to make enough to money to achieve the $20 minimum payout that you forked out on your very first day.

Here are some of the cons that ought to be acknowledged:

  • Almost all of CashCrate’s free daily surveys, offers, and other surveys are only exclusively accessible by residents of the U.S. (which may or may not be a bad thing).
  • It’s true that there may be free offers otherwise obtainable, however they may only be for trial and there is the possibility that a credit card may be needed.
  • Some advertisers seen on CashCrate might sell your email addresses so you will more likely than not receive spam (one would hope however, that you have a spam blocker set up on your accounts so this really shouldn’t be an issue). This is also easily prevented by using an email account from Yahoo or Google. So that when you are completing offers and surveys, you would be able to use those email accounts instead.
  • You can never really be absolutely sure of what advertisers can be trusted with a personal phone number. A number to the advertisers might actually increase the cost of your phone bill by them repeatedly calling you; but this can be prevented by simply not giving your phone number out to any source other than CashCrate.

All in all, CashCrate seems safe and profitable. The initial minimum payout of $20 will be made up for in no time at all.

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