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Direct advertising has nowadays turned out be pretty profitable for all publishers who are interested to make money selling banner ads directly on their sites or blogs, and at the same time, advertisers are also able to put their ads on their self selected sites, ultimately letting them make the most out off their ads. Although, it’s a profitable method of making money for website owners, but manage the direct advertisements is certainly a very problem creating and frustrating task. That’s why, most of the publishers are opting for PPC or CPM ads because of this reason, but what about making it an automatic process ? Yeah, that’s also possible in this era of automation.

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There is have a plugin named CrankyAds, which is a new ad management plugin for WordPress blogs, that helps people sell ads directly on their WordPress sites as well as manage them effectively at the same. Although it does have a marketplace for publishers and advertisers, but it isn’t still a fully matured network and doesn’t have too many advertisers. So alternatively, you can go for BuySellAds if you have an established website and you are willing to make money from it selling banner ads. You may now check out our personally experienced review of the BuySellAds direct advertising network :


BuySellAds Review & Payment Proof

buysellads payment proof

BuySellAds is a direct advertising network, which I’ve been using since more than an year. Founded by Todd Garland in 2008, it is today a completely established and well reputed private banner advertising network being used by thousands of publishers from all around  the web. What it actually does is that it automates the process of direct banner advertising for both advertisers and publishers. If you are a publisher, all you need to do is to sign up for a publisher account over there and submit your blog for approval. Once it gets approved, you can create ad zones, place them on your site and make money once any of your ad spots gets sold out. They also have an official marketplace containing more than 7500+ quality advertisers and 6500+ well known websites.

With BuySellAds, you can set a fixed price for your ad spots for a duration of 30 days, as well as set a certain CPM rate for your banners, and get paid that amount for each 1000 impressions that the ad serves. Apart from monetizing your website, you can also use BuySellAds to make money out of your mobile sites, RSS feeds, email accounts, Android & iOS apps, desktop software as well as your Twitter accounts through sponsored tweets. Check below the payment I’ve received recently from BuySellAds through Paypal, so as to get confirmed about the legitimacy of the network :

The revenue sharing model of BuySellAds is 75% – 25%, that means – you will earn 75% of the amount that any advertiser spends on an ad on your website. For example, if you have set $100 as the price of one of your ads, then you will get paid $75 for that banner and the remaining $25 will be taken by BuySellAds, I guess they actually deserves that amount for this complete automation of media buying.

They pays out to the publishers through Paypal, Cheque (Check) and Wire Transfer with minimum threshold amounts of $20, $50 and $500 respectively. Their marketplace has tons of quality advertisers, so you can get more and more sponsors for your website through BuySellAds, and I can guarantee you that the revenue off your website from direct banner ads will be double or even tripled after using this awesome advertising network.

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