Bookrenter Coupon Codes – Big Savings for Students!

For most college students, buying textbooks takes a huge bite out of their monthly living allowance. Instead of heading to the college bookstore when they have their list of needed textbooks for the semester, many students are taking advantage of a new college textbook renting service called Students are able to rent their textbooks using Bookrenter coupon codes for a fraction of the cost it would cost them to buy the books at a college bookstore. opened its doors for business in 2004 as a book bank and has now grown to become a favorite of college students with thousands of subscribers.

Coupon Code Savings

Bookrenter delivers rented textbooks to college students in all parts of the U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. When the student has finished his course, he simply mails the books back. Bookrenter can mean big savings for students. with coupons that cover free shipping, sales, and other offers. Some coupon codes offer as much as eighty percent off renting textbooks with the Bookrenter code. Other coupons allow free shipping both ways on textbook rentals. Users must enter the coupon code at checkout to receive the discounted savings on textbooks. also has deals with some retailers to donate to charities when you use your coupon codes. Donation amounts are generally one to four percent of the sale.

Finding Textbooks

Finding textbooks is not difficult with the easy search features offered to students at They have access to millions of titles. Whether students are looking for textbooks in math, business, economics, chemistry, biology, or physics, they are sure to find what they need at On the site, customers can search the textbook archives by the book’s ISBN number, author’s name, or by the title of the book. Customer reviews have reported the books they receive to be in good repair. This is in sharp contrast to some other book renting services whose books are often old with torn book covers.

Are There any Drawbacks?

Yes, the website has a few drawbacks. The biggest downside for many students is that you cannot sell your old books to them. only deals with new books straight from the publisher. Because of their dedication to provider quality books to students, Bookrenter has a strict policy about returning their books, including late charges and deposit fees. In addition, if for some reason a student loses the book, he can expect to pay up to 140 percent of the original purchase price of the book. Why are their charges so high? It is because of the cost of  replacing the title along with the loss of earning from not being able to rent the book to another customer.  Currently, the service is not offered outside the United States.

How is the Customer Service?

There are many venues of customer service open to customers. The company has a Facebook page and Twitter account where customers can post messages and provide feedback. The live chat feature available on the website is a much-loved feature. Customers are able to get real-time answers for their questions instead of having to wait for days to get a return phone call or an answer to an email. Phone support is also available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Shipping times are quick and in line with industry standards. With standard shipping, customers receive their books within 3 to 7 business days. There are also faster shipment options with deliveries scheduled for 1 to 2 days from order time. For a student who waited until the last minute before classes started to order his books, this is a definite plus! Students can track their shipments online with the online tracking feature. All purchases can be made through major credit cards, including American Express, Discovery, MasterCard, and Visa. Currently, PayPal and debit cards are not accepted as methods of payment. To return books, customers simply use the postage-paid mailing labels that are printed out from

Students Report Saving Hundreds

Whether a student chooses to take advantage of the savings offered by Bookrenter coupon codes, it up to him. Students are reporting saving hundreds of dollars per semester by using these coupon codes. For college students within the United States, it is a deal that is hard to beat!

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