The best ways to save money reveled

There is no single best way to save money, but there are a lot of ways to reduce expenditures. Try some of the following tips on saving money for a richer, more secure future.

Stay physically and fiscally healthy

Healthcare costs are enormous, and time spent sick is time one cannot work and earn. Furthermore, living a healthy lifestyle can save on a lot of other expenses. For example, quitting smoking removes the financial drain cigarettes cause. Sweets and snacks provide virtually no nutritional value and every penny not spent on them is money saved.

Drive less

With insurance, maintenance and other costs, driving is a lot more expensive that most people realize. Cutting down a driving by carpooling, trip planning and other means will save a lot on transportation.

Buy and sell used goods

The internet brings buyers and sellers together and makes it possible to buy and sell used goods like never before. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Use the internet to sell off unneeded goods and find bargains on used ones.

best way to save money

Shop off season

There is no need to follow the herd and buy goods such as clothes when everyone else is. Wait until off season to buy goods. The season to use them will come soon enough.

Be a homebody

There is no place like home, and home can be the best place to relax. Eat in more, rent DVDs instead of going to the movies and have friends over more often. Also, keep in mind that services like Netflix can be a lot more cost effective than cable movie channels for many users.

Go to the library

Remember those places called libraries? They are still there, and many of them now have DVDs too. Using this free resource is arguably the quickest if not the best way to save money.

Save energy

While it sometimes requires a bit of an upfront investment, saving energy is a good way to save money while saving the environment. Little things like buying compact florescent light bulbs can reduce electricity bills a lot over the long run.

Save and invest

Why always work for money when the roles can be reversed? Every penny saved and invested becomes money that is working for someone. Everyone should have some money working for them. Money will work 24/7. Rates of return are sometimes low, but it adds up and compounds over time.

Pay yourself first

The main reason many people are not successful with putting money away in savings is because they wait to see what is left over before deciding what to save. In fact, money put into savings has to be treated basically like an expense. By treating saving as something that must be paid, you are far more likely to do it


People spend ever more time working for every bigger houses and cars. Do those things really bring happiness though? Keep in mind that the initial thrill of having more will always wear off. Remember the Lao Tzu quote on satisfaction: He who knows enough is enough will always have enough.

Use peer-to-peer renting

One great money saving technique that the internet has made much more practical is peer-to-peer renting. Basically, it allows people to rent out those things they either do not use very often or rent products they will only use occasionally from others. Everything from cars to tents can be shared. This is a great way to use the power of the community to save money and resources. You might even make new friends at the same time.

Digital subscriptions

For those things you subscribe to, is it really necessary to have them on dead trees? The information is the same regardless of whether it is in digital or paper form, and those who have tablet devices can read them pretty much the same way (and with added features like video) as they would with paper. Newspapers and magazines cost money to print and distribute. Digital subscriptions are much cheaper, faster and cut down on trash.

Use technology and coupons to get the best deals

Just think of the savings that can add up over time if everything purchased came at even a modest 5% discount. Often, coupons and technology to include shopping apps make it possible to get the lowest price on every purchase. From price comparison sites to shopping apps, this is another field that technology has made easier.

Shop carefully for insurance

Insurance, when required, can incur huge costs over time. Use money saving websites to find the best deals possible.

Find a roommate

Housing costs eat up a lot of income and having someone to split the rent and share other expenses with can provide a huge financial boost.

Use these and other tips on saving money to squeeze every dollar for all it is worth. The best way to save money varies from person to person, but anything that works is worth doing.

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