5 Ways to be Your Own Boss

For many people it is a dream to be self-employed and work from home while making good money doing so. The problem for most people though is taking that leap from comfortable employment to working for yourself. Those who do manage to make the change generally do so after being made redundant. Unless you have a ground-breaking business idea and the drive to make it happen, setting up your own business is a daunting prospect.

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However, with some specific training you can learn the skills you need to become your own boss. You may have seen some adverts on the Internet telling you that you can work from home and earn a very healthy wage. It is with great regret that I have to inform you that these offers are almost always a scam. But there are other options available.

You may not be able to work in your home but the following options will allow you to be based at home and travel out to meet clients. For each of these options there are many courses available that will teach you all the required skills plus provide some advice on setting up your own business.

Your Own Boss


Since having children I now have a freelance hairdresser come to my home. The hairdresser charges less than the local hairdressing salons and is much more convenient. Almost all of her marketing is through a network of mothers who use her and recommend her.

There are many fast-track hairdressing courses on offer at the moment. They are classroom based courses and last for around 6 weeks. You will learn about customer care, healthy and safety, various treatments as well as receiving intensive training in cutting, styling and blow drying.

Generally as a freelance hairdresser you will visit clients in their homes during the day and evenings. It is easy to fit in the work around your schedule and if you build a good reputation your clients will do the marketing for you leaving more time for you to work and earn.


Floristry is another business which is always in demand. Although it is a more complex business to run than being a hairdresser it can be very rewarding and you can win some big contracts and clients once you build a good reputation.

A floristry course will give you the option to work for yourself or as part of a team. If you become a member of a large florists organisation then you will receive orders automatically through the national ordering systems.

You could run a small store or focus on providing flowers for large events such as weddings. Most independent florists do both, operating out of a shop but making a large part of their earnings from weddings.

Beauty Treatments

Beauty treatments is another expanding area. There are many options available to you and a good course will provide training in most areas. Some of the services that have the highest demand are nails and make-up, facials, eyelash and eyebrows and manicure treatments.

As well as the actual treatments you can learn about running a beauty salon as well as health and safety and control of chemical substances used in the beauty industry.

Teaching and Tutoring

If you got some good results at school then you could be qualified to learn to teach. There is always a demand for good tutors to help guide children through the school examination system. Many parents wish their children to receive additional teaching at home nowadays so that they can get the best qualifications possible to go on to higher education.

Teaching can be a very rewarding career and as a tutor you can build up a faithful client base who will need your services for many years.


Now that photography has fully moved into the digital age creating high quality photographs is easier than ever. You no longer need to learn dark room techniques to make it as a well respected photographer. You can process photographs from a home studio using relatively inexpensive photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Photography courses will teach you how to compose great photos as well as how to make portfolios and manage a photography studio.

We hope that you are inspired by some of these options and one day will have the skills and qualifications needed to take that huge leap into the world of self-employment. Each of these allow you to develop a more artistic career. Be your own boss, take control of your life and your destiny and be creative.

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