5 Useful Tips For Better Article Marketing Results

Article marketing has been going on since long before the Internet came to our homes. What’s the main reason we write articles anyways? Usually it’s to get more and more readers in order to make even more income.

There may be other reasons but for me personally it’s about earning a living online.

Today I have too many sites to write all the content I require. To help meet my content needs I use article networks and directories.

I look for content that is focused, keyworded and of course which fits my niche. I also do my best to find articles that are new and haven’t been over published.

It can be tough finding articles that meet my needs without paying for articles or writers. I have included some tips that will show what an article should be so you get more published and make more money.

Tip #1 – Don’t Accept or Create Poorly Spun Articles

I write a lot of articles and I spin a lot more articles from those original articles. Once I have proof read the spin code to be sure all is good I publish the spin code to my top article networks for other to use. This gains me a lot of one way backlinks and helps increase my page rank for important web pages.

I don’t write or publish articles people can’t read or who get frustrated trying to read them. When I am on a site and find content I can’t read I leave, I don’t stick around and try to figure out what the article is saying and I certain don’t click a link on their site.

The reason I reject more than 90% of the articles I see is so I have quality content for my readers, plain and simple.

For my article spinning needs I use The Best Spinner. I have tried 4 or 5 other spinners but am quite happy with The Best Spinner.

Tip #2 – How Many Times Has That Article Been Published Already

After I have checked to be sure an article reads properly, meaning it hasn’t been spun to death, I take a couple of snippets from the article to check in Google.

I am not interested in publishing articles to my site that have been published 2800 times. For me personally I am looking at articles published less than a hundred times.

To check articles I just grab a snippet of text from the article and pop it into a search on Google, using quotes so I find the exact phrase. They don’t like duplicate content so I don’t like it either. If it’s been published too many times I move on to another article and do it all again until I find just the right article.

5 Useful Tips For Better Article Marketing Results

Tip #3 – Look For Relevant Links

Finding articles with links that don’t match the niche or content is most annoying so I check every article to see where they are pointing their links. If they aren’t relevant they don’t get accepted. Just that simple for me.

Each thing I check in an article is all about my readers. I am not going to present them with cotent that isn’t great or content that is linking to non relevant places. I wouldn’t write content that does that so why would I accept it, even if it’s free.

Tip #4 – Avoid Spinning Spin Your Main Keywords

Article marketing that works uses keyword phrases so why would you allow your keywords to get spun into non-keyword phrases? But most of the article writers are doing just that and expecting positive results. I use The Best Spinner, my article spinner of choice, so I can protect terms such as my main keywords.

I see this so much in article titles. So right away I have a good idea about the writer. If they don’t bother to protect their keyword phrases in their title they are not likely to bother with the rest of the article or their link text.

I hope you realize that search engines can’t index your pages for your keywords if you don’t include them in your title. Plus you won’t get the best search engine postioning for your article.

Tip #5 – Keep Your Link Text Keyworded

Your hyperlink text needs to be keyworded so that the search engines give better ranking for the webpage the link points to. Get it wrong and you won’t be making the income you’re hoping for.

I Use Article Spinning To Make Money

It is really not worth trying to save time by clicking the auto replace all feature in your article spinner as it turns potential customers away. For me personally I prefer to use the replace synonyms manually over automatically so that I know each replacement works to keep my readers happy.

Use The Best Spinner to spin your articles, as I do, but take the time to put your keyword phrases in the protected tab so that you don’t destroy the power article marketing offers.

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