14 Ways for a Family to Save Money

Hold game night tournaments at home; invite family and friends over for fun instead of paying for pricey movie tickets and concessions.

Consider doing split-shift for child-care: Rather than placing children in daycare, parents can take turns taking care of children based on their work schedule.

Organize a carpool for teens: when parents are not available, teenagers with a valid driver license and a clean record, no outstanding driving violation can make arrangements to carpool each other to various events.

Reduce your disposable diaper use: By increasing the use of cloth diapers and children who are ready for the transition making a conscious effort to potty train.

14 Ways for a Family to Save Money

Grow your own foods: Plant a family vegetable gardens or window boxes, invite family & friends to grow their own vegetable garden, barter or trade with family & friends when vegetables are ready to harvest.

Plan ahead: Plan you meals a week or month at a time to cut down on impulse food purchases. Pack cold lunches for the entire family during the week to avoid spending on restaurants and fast food.

Cut the cost of clothing: Buy second-hand clothing in garage sales or thrift stores, trade clothes your children have outgrown with friends and family.

Stretch your grocery budget: Eat out less, check your prices and buy some foods or home needs in bulk. Check the sales in various stores, for their sales items at the stores for their deals, use coupons, by online.

Reduce your energy costs: Shut off electricity an hour earlier each night and turn off electricity where it isn’t being used, unplug small appliances & electrical items that use small lights when not in use.

Do it yourself: Take on the chores that you once hired out to day laborers. Learn to cut hair and give your family home haircuts. Instead of buying treats and drinks at the stores, have the kids make snacks and drinks at home.

Anticipate the cost of college: Start a college fun fund investment when your children are young, have your teen/s invest in their own post high school education. Have college child stay at home rather than living in the dorms on campus. Wait until your teen/s is a college sophomore before they own his/her own car. Until then, use the family car or public transportation to save on maintenance, insurance and the cost of gas.

Save on spending gas money: Families can get exercise when utilizing riding their bikes or walking on the weekends to the store, the dry-cleaners, the pet store or other needed locations near the home.

Make cutbacks your children’s allowance: Find alternative ways to motivate you kids to do things.

Get rid of cable TV: Your children may contest you on this at first with this, but cutting down on cable TV, will encourage your family will come up with new and creative ways to spend quality time together while you save money.

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