101 Ways to Saving Money

If you are looking for Ways to Saving Money here are 101 Saving Money Tips on Groceries, Utilities and Auto. For more money saving ideas click on any of the blogs on the left column.  If your have any ideas for more ways to saving money please leave a comment.

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Ways of saving money on Entertainment

  1. Read  books
  2. Take the family for a walk
  3. Watch DVDs at home with popcorn instead of going to the cinema
  4. Have friends over for a dinner party or barbecue instead of going to a restaurant
  5. Pack a picnic and go to the park or beach
  6. Play a game of backyard football
  7. Hold a card night
  8. Dig out the old board games
  9. Play group games like charades or celebrity heads
  10. Go out for lunch instead of dinner
  11. Have coffee instead of ‘drinks’
  12. Rediscover old music in the collection rather than buying new CDs
  13. Listen to the radio
  14. Have friends over for a BYOB dance party rather than go out

Ways of saving money on Gift-Giving

money saving tips

  1. Bake gifts such as cupcakes, scones or cookies
  2. Make gifts such as beaded jewelry or photo frames
  3. Personalize gifts by putting a monogram on a towel set or a special print on a t-shirt
  4. Put together a sentimental mix CD or photo album
  5. Give a book of vouchers for favors from the giver e.g. a massage, a shoulder to cry on, a hug in times of need
  6. Give a gift of experiences by treating someone to a birthday picnic or day at the beach
  7. Shop at markets or online stores
  8. Give lotto tickets – the thought of winning is half the fun!

Ways of saving money on yourself

  1. Color hair at home
  2. Have hair done for a discount at a hairdressing college
  3. Stretch eyebrow waxes further by plucking at home between salon visits
  4. Wax legs at home
  5. Zap zits overnight by applying a baking soda and water paste to spots before bed
  6. Ditch fake nails and grow the real deal
  7. Use Vaseline as a gentle and soothing lip balm
  8. Soften hands and feet by applying Vaseline liberally before bed and covering with gloves and socks
  9. Do manicures at home
  10. Do pedicures at home
  11. Cancel costly gym membership and get fit by walking, jogging or cycling around the neighborhood
  12. Get friends together for weekly social sport rather than playing in expensive competitions
  13. Scour second hand shops for trendy bargains
  14. Get friends together for a clothes swap

Ways of saving money on Major Purchases

  1. Compare prices of major purchases
  2. Minimize impulse buying by asking, “Do I really need that today?”
  3. Ask sales people “Is that the best price you can do?”
  4. Ask sales people if a discount applies for cash payments
  5. Let sales people know that you are shopping around for the best price
  6. Consider whether optional extras are really needed
  7. Take advantage of sales and discounted floor stock
  8. Enquire about free delivery
  9. Search online swap communities such as freecycle.org before purchasing anything big

Ways of saving money on your Car

  1. Ditch the car and walk to nearby amenities
  2. Car pool to work or school
  3. Combine driving trips and plan them with fuel-efficiency in mind
  4. Remove unnecessary weight from the car
  5. Check the air level in car tires regularly to improve fuel-efficiency
  6. Wash the car at home rather than at a car wash
  7. Use public transport where suitable
  8. Buy weekly or monthly tickets for public transport

Ways of saving money on Phone, Internet and Television

  1. Limit household cable internet and TV use
  2. Shop around for better internet deals
  3. Reconsider the need for cable television try internet TV for less
  4. Eliminate cable TV packages and try internet TV that better suit your budget
  5. Reconsider the need for a credit card
  6. Shop around for better mobile phone contracts
  7. Shop for cheaper DVR’s, internet, and land line phone using your cable line
  8. Shop for cheaper mobile phone companies, compare plans you can get more for you money
  9. Make long distance phone calls on Skype or use instant messaging instead

Ways of Saving Money on Water and Power Bills

  1. Hand dry dishes rather than run the dish-washer
  2. Keep shower-time to a maximum of 10 minutes
  3. Run a bath when longer bathing time is required
  4. Switch to a water-saving shower head
  5. Turn taps off when washing dishes or brushing teeth
  6. Wait for a full load of washing before doing laundry
  7. Use hand-held hoses to water the lawn and garden
  8. Water the garden during the late afternoon to avoid water evaporation
  9. Defrost food overnight in the refrigerator rather than in the microwave
  10. Dry clothes on the clothes-line or clothes-horse rather than in a dryer
  11. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs
  12. Turn lights off when they’re not in use
  13. Turn appliances off at the wall when they’re not in use
  14. Open windows to cool rooms in the summer
  15. Use heavy curtains and floor coverings to keep warmth in during the winter
  16. Make use of natural light by opening curtains and using light colored wall coverings

Ways of saving money on Groceries

  1. Take advantage of specials
  2. Use vouchers
  3. Prepare meals at home rather than order take-out
  4. Eat palm-size portions of meat, it’s all the body requires
  5. Supplement meals with good, filling carbohydrates such as brown rice, pasta or potato
  6. Grow your own organic fruit and vegetables or buy from growers’ markets instead of the supermarket
  7. Buy meat from the butcher instead of the supermarket
  8. Grow your own organic or buy loose fruit and vegetables rather than pre-packaged produce
  9. Buy generic brands for some items
  10. Drink more water it satiates the appetite
  11. Bake sweets at home
  12. Re-use aluminum foil, cling wrap and take-out containers
  13. Squeeze tooth-paste from the bottom or top of the tube – never the middle
  14. Use smaller amounts of shampoo, conditioner and body wash
  15. Buy in bulk
  16. Compare prices
  17. Buy fewer sweets and chocolates
  18. Drink instant coffee at home instead of buying a daily espresso
  19. Save left-over’s for lunch the next day
  20. Take packed lunches to school and work
  21. Buy ‘pet mince’ from the butchers and cook with kitchen scraps for a cheap dinner pets will love
  22. Shop at the end of the week to catch bargains on produce
  23. Be creative with cooking and find ways to combine what’s in the fridge into a great new meal

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