10 Tips To Save Money on Gas

Like all Americans, I am becoming obsessed with saving money on gas. With the price of gas reaching $4 to $5, small changes in our lives can mean big savings on the amount of money we spend of gas. If you employ these tips and reduce your gas consumption by only 10%, you can save $.40 on each gallon of gasoline. That is a huge amount of money that you can save in your high interest savings accounts.

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10 Tips to Save Money on Gas

gas saving tips

1. Choose a more gas efficient car – I am not the type of person that will tell you to buy a small car or a hybrid car just so you can save money. No, I believe that a car needs to suit your needs and style. But, you need to be conscious of the gas mileage that your car gets. My lease on my Jeep Cherokee just end and instead of buying a new Jeep, I decided on buying a Honda Accord. By choosing a more gas efficient car, I saved an immediate 40% on gas. This one change in behavior saved me $1.60 per gallon (going from 14 miles per gallon to 21 miles per gallon). No other change on this list will make such a difference.

2. Cars that require premium gasoline – Say no to cars that require you to use premium gasoline. I could never buy such a car. The thought of spending an extra $.20 – $.30 per gallon of gasoline disgusts me. By not buying such a car you can immediately save 5% on your gas bill.

3. Know where to buy cheaper gas – Every town has a gas station that seems to always have the cheapest price on gas. Know where to buy cheaper gas. In my town, their is a Hess gas station that is always five cents lower than the next cheapest gas station. Lucky for me, it is really close to my house.

4. Know when you need to fill up your car with gas – Don’t you hate it when you are on the interstate and you realize that you need gas? I know I do, but it is not just because I have to pull over to fill up. Most gas stations off of interstates charge more money on for gas as a premium for their location. So you can save a lot of money by not putting yourself in this situation by knowing when you need to fill up you car with gas before going on a trip. This way you can buy cheaper gas at the gas station with the lowest price on gas.

5.  Use you brakes less – Many people have a habit of riding their brakes.  Most of the time we are told not to ride our brakes because it wears out your brakes faster.  However, riding your brakes also causes you to waste gas.  By using your breaks less, you burn your fuel more efficiently.

6.  Make sure your tires are at the right tire pressure – One of the best maintenance advice you can implement is to make sure that your tires always have the correct tire pressure.  Your car will use less gas if you have the right tire pressure.  So check your tire pressure.

7.  Don’t keep a lot of stuff in your car – Many guys I know always have their golf clubs in their car.  This wastes gas.  Save money on gas by cleaning out your car and only lugging around the stuff you need for that trip.

8.  Take the train – Don’t forget the public transportation options around you.  If you have a long commute, you might be able to save money on gas by taking the bus or the train.  However, you have to compare the price of the public transportation to the gas that you would be using as well as the wear and tear on your car.  This is one that I hate.  I don’t know why, but I hate riding on public transportation.  I think that my main problem with it is having my schedule dictated by the train schedule.

9.  Drive during non rush hour – If you don’t have to drive during rush hour you can save money on gas by not allowing yourself to be stuck in traffic.  If you can get to work earlier or leave work later, you can save the gas you burn idling in traffic.  This is a great way to save money on gas.

10.  Drive slower – This is one that I hate to suggest because I can’t force myself to drive at 60 mph.  However, if you can slow yourself down, you will use less gasoline.  Just don’t hold me up!!

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