Venus Factor Review – A Great Weight Loss Plan For All

Venus Factor is a weight loss program designed especially for women. It is true and rather cruel that it is genetically more difficult for women to lose weight as compared to men. It is due to some unique physiological factors and what makes Venus Factor Diet Plan so effective is that it counters these physiological factors.

You need to read Venus Factor reviews to find out how the system works and how easy it has made weight loss for women.

In this Venus Factor Review, you will find out the detail description of the programs and how it is different from countless other diet programs in the market.

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Venus Factor Reviews – What Is The Venus Factor

venus factor reviewWeight loss will definitely become easier if your body is cooperating with you.

The reason why countless women don’t attain the desired weight loss results and often gain more weight than before is that there are some factors in their bodies which are working against weight loss.

Especially after childbirth, most women can never get there pre-pregnancy body back.

No matter how hard they try they reach a plateau after losing some weight and then it seems impossible to lose more weight.

This is where Venus Factor diet plan menu works when all else fails.

The Science behind Venus Factor Philosophy

The Science behind Venus Factor
The Venus Factor weight loss program is not magic though it seems so; you just have to see the results.

It is not just a combination of keeping yourself starved and exhausted with dieting and workouts. It actually internally conditions your body to lose weight; it makes your body cooperate with you.

To understand how Venus Factor works, you have to understand how the female body is different and what John Barban, the creator of this weight loss program discovered which led him to accomplish this amazing feat.

The Venus Factor Review Leptin Diet

John Barban: The Man behind Venus Factor

John Barban

John Barban is a renowned name when it comes to fitness and wellness. He has been associated with the most successful weight loss programs during the past decade.

The weight loss industry is constantly changing and the researchers are constantly busy looking for healthier, faster and effective ways to lose weight.

During one of his extensive researches on female metabolism John Barban made a stunning and groundbreaking discovery, a discovery which has surely changed the face of female weight loss.

John Barban had seen his own sister struggle with her weight problems for years and basically, she was the reason why he pursued his career as a wellness expert and nutritionist.

He tested his theory on his sister first and as expected the results were astounding. She, who could not lose weight, went from 200 lbs to 147 lbs.

John Barban had basically hit the jackpot for every woman trying to win the losing battle.

What John Barban Discovered

Discovered ?

John Barban discovered two things about the female physiology which made weight loss very difficult and then he formulated a method by which these two things could be countered and hence weight loss became possible for the most hopeless cases.

When you talk about the science involved in burning fat you need to know about Leptin.

Leptin is a hormone that is directly responsible for the burning of fat. The Leptin signals are very efficient in men and fat burning is easier. Now women have more Leptin in their bodies but they also develop a condition known as Leptin resistance in which the Leptin signals become ineffective and the body does not burn fat at all.

So one of the things that makes weight loss difficult for women is the Leptin resistance. The second problem is that when women start dieting the levels of Leptin drop rather drastically and the metabolic rate reduces significantly. That means that they need to work out a lot more to burn the fat.

This leads to fatigue and exhaustion. When results are not desirable most women quit and more than often have to face depression, lower self-esteem and lack of confidence.

The Venus Factor weight loss Program tells you how to counter these issues and make your weight loss program more effective and efficient.

It doesn’t mean that weight loss will become easier and you will have to work out less and you can cheat on your diet but it definitely ensures that you will get results from your diet and your workout plans will be rewarded with corresponding fat burning results since your metabolic rate will be higher than average

Venus Factor Reviews – Will the Venus Factor Work for You?

venus factor meal planFor women who are skeptical about Venus Factor because they have had tried their luck with so many other weight loss programs unsuccessfully should read some Venus Factor reviews.

Women, real women from around the world are so happy with Venus Factor Diet.

This 12 Week life-changing program has changed the lives of countless women who had given up hope of losing weight.

In just 12 weeks you can get the body you dreamt of and can fight your own body and condition it to aid you in losing weight rather than working against you.

The Venus Factor meal plan is complete and comprehensive. It covers all bases. A virtual nutritionist will help you make customized diet plans and you will learn to eat foods that will improve your Leptin levels and increase your metabolism.

You will get excellent work out plans along with demonstrations which will help you lose weight from the right problem areas. Plus these workouts will guide you in the right direction. You will have to put less energy and will be able to lose more weight.

In short, Venus Factor teaches you how to lose weight like a woman and if you exercise like a man you will only be killing yourself with exhaustion instead of getting better results.

My Venus Factor Review Conclusion

Venus Factor weight loss system is so effective that you have a complete 60 days money back guarantee. Work hard and honestly and follow all the directions you are given and if you don’t lose weight as promised you can get your money back.

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