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Thanks for checking out my website, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a detailed review of Text Your Wife Into Bed Guide book, which is written by nonother than relationship and sex guru Michael Fiore.

Firstly I would like to clarify that I will be giving you a completely unrestricted, unbiased and honest review of Michael’s relationship/sex self-help guide. What you’re about to read here are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before grabbing yourself a copy of the guide.

The presentation by Michael Fiore is really interesting and it talks about the ways that a man needs to know. There are many sex gurus who give advice to others on ways to improve their sex lives and they all prove to be scams from which no one benefits.

They give various suggestions to enhance the sex lives that ultimately make your marital life blissful.

Text Your Wife Into Bed is also considered to be one of these scams that are useless. But the methods used in this system have indeed helped many of the users and is still helping them. Find out how it works and judge yourself.

The Psychology behind The Method

The methods that are used in ‘Text Your Wife Into Bed’ are proven and claims to turn the heat into your bedroom. The method of texting is not just any random method but it has been thought about after keeping many things in mind.

The texting method hits right on the mind of the women as it is their psychology to think differently from men. It is very easy to turn a man and make him think about sex. Just a couple of photos of bikini-clad girls work for men.

On seeing the photos, it merely takes them a couple of seconds to turn them on. But for a woman, it is very different. They are not easily impressed by the photos so much as men do. They think about sex from their minds and not heart.

Thus, the method of texting dirty is implied by Michael Fiore rightly here in this system which can be ordered right away from the official website of the product and the order will be in your hands in no time.

What You Find in ‘Text Your Wife Into Bed

In ‘Text Your Wife Into Bed’ you will find step by step instruction that is comprehensive and in detail about getting your wife turned on and reach the bedroom soon. This can be done with any other woman by using the mobile phone.Text Your Wife Into Bed Ebook

Thus, this book is called a ‘sex bible’ rightly as it is very difficult to turn the women on. By using the texts as per instructions, anyone can charge up his woman.

You must have heard many strategies to do so by other sex gurus but this one is different from the rest as an unorthodox strategy applies here. There is no cute or sweet talk or waiting for hours to get the result. In this method, the results are received instantly.

In the messages, you have to use straight talk about sex to your women. You have to tell her what exactly you want from her and what you are planning to do once she gets in your arms. All this you would not be able to say in front of her as she would be busy and will hardly look into eyes.

Texting is the best way where she will take time out from whatever she is doing and read the message. So there is a visual text impact that goes in her mind. Thus, there is an ample amount of reasoning done before chalking out this method.

Working on ‘Curiosity Pivot’

Michael uses the technique called ‘Curiosity Pivot’ in his work. After many years of marriage, life becomes boring and mundane. You are always busy with your work and your wife stays busy with hers.

Or she must be busy with the household chores and managing the kids. This leaves very little room for both of you to spare some time for romance.

At the end of the day, you both are so tired that the word romance does not even pop up in your mind. This technique transforms your monotonous life into a roller coaster life full of sex. Talking dirty with your wife is the key to this.

Your wife will definitely think you be insane if you murmur something dirty in her ears while she is in the kitchen. Through text, you can talk dirty to her anytime even when she is far from you in her office. ‘Curiosity Pivot’ is a strategy which Michael teaches you to learn.

This makes your wife curious about your next move and this makes her move closer to you or indulges in dirty talk to explore more. The moment she replies back and you exchange a number of texts, her interests arises and she will long for the time to return to you and start the romp.

How to implement this in your everyday life and the best ways to make it successful is all explained in ‘Text Your Wife Into Bed’ by Michael Fiore.

Benefits of Text Your Wife Into Bed

Having the system in your hands, you will be the ultimate ‘Sex God’ for your wife. No matter how tired or busy your wife is, you just have to send her one text and see her coming towards you leaving everything behind. She will crave for you to rip her clothes off and start making out.

A dirty text is enough to make her think about your moves and actions once she enters the bed lying next to you. These texts are already printed for you in Text Your Wife Into Bed system. You do not have to create your own message.

All you need to do is simply type the message and forward it to your wife’s number. As the phone will beep and your wife sees the message she will not stop blushing and her mind will start running in the opposite direction when you both had it amazingly for the first time.

Text Your Wife Into Bed

The easiest way to turn a man on is porn. On seeing porn, a man takes only a couple of seconds to turn on and crave for sex. The case is very different for women, they take some time to turn on completely and crave for sex.

But when the button hits on the right point, women do not waste more than ten seconds to turn on. It is the psychology of a woman that she gets turned on more by applying her mind and it is the touch and smell more than visuals that makes her crave for her man.

Thus, love stories that contain elicit sex stories and explicit description about sexual encounters and acts are the ones that turn the women on. Same is the case with the method of texting.

The moment you message her something intimate, she goes week in her knees. All that goes in her mind is that what you would do to her next to make her feel special and gratify her sole.

It is very wrong to think that the libido of a woman is very less than a man. It is, in fact, equal to any man. The only difference is that the libido in women needs to be aroused which means they are hidden somewhere.

All men need to know is the right trick to arise the cravings in the mind of a woman for her man. Women are most of the times busy in the household chores and the kids and this is the reason why they feel tired and helpless at the end of the day.

At night when you are back from work and now want to relax with your wife, it is time for her to sleep. This time you are seriously pissed off to see this because you were turned on and all she wants you to do is switch off the light and go to sleep.

The techniques used in Text Your Wife Into Bed are the proven ones that will change your marital life forever. Along with the text, there are videos which give you a comprehensive understanding of the techniques.

Is Text Your Wife Into Bed a scam?

Alright, so let’s get to the real deal. You might be thinking, “You’re supposed to get your wife into bed by just sending a text message? Are you kidding me?

How can this guide help me seduce my wife, or teach any man how to get a woman in bed?” To be honest, I had the same questions myself at first – after all, this is a completely new approach to relationships.

While Michael Fiore’s techniques are bold, daring, and a little off-the-wall, as I got deeper into the program, I was more convinced that if his strategies are followed, he can teach you how to seduce your wife and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Text Your Wife Into Bed Guide

What are the GOOD things?

  • The program is interesting and easy to follow. Michael also cares about your success and wants you to learn how to please your wife in bed.
  • Michael has provided 9 videos 10 PDF articles with detailed step-by-step instructions. The videos, along with the powerpoint slides, tie the info together seamlessly.
  • It gives practical instruction on how to get your wife into bed and have great sex with her. No matter your age or religion, you can learn something about sex with your wife and your relationship as a while.
  • Michael’s approach to this subject is completely unique different from any others I have seen. His many years of experience as sex/relationship expert and a writer really do lend him the credibility other so-called ‘gurus’ lack. His unique strategies of how to seduce your wife and reignite your relationship are supported by testimonials from satisfied men (and women!) who have participated in this program.

What are the BAD things?

  • Michael takes the assumption that you and your wife are comfortable with texting. Not everyone is, although he does cover that in the material. That could mean a learning curve for some.
  • As with any type of program, you get out of it what you put in. Don’t expect to go from non-existent sex life to texting your wife into bed with you on the first day. Even though Michael’s material is great, you still have done the work and follow the instructions.

Final Verdict

Text Your Wife Into Bed is the best guide I have seen on how to seduce a woman into bed. Michael Fiore’s experience as a sex expert is very extensive and he has thousands of men all over the world the methods of how to successfully get your wife in bed.

From start to finish, this program is packed with completely unconventional techniques on how to get your wife into bed fast. If you are passionate about reigniting your sex life and your relationship, You owe it to yourself to try Michael’s guide.

Text Your Wife Into Bed Download

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