Aaron Fox Drama Method Review – WOW! Detailed Review!

On the surface, Aaron Fox’s Drama Method seems “a little out there” for most of us and some of it even defies conventional wisdom. When I first sat down to write a review of Aaron Fox’s “Drama Method”, I could not have been more skeptical about the validity and effectiveness of the claims made about his course.

However, as with any product review, I have been trained to be objective and open-minded until all the facts have been examined and results, or lack of results, have been well documented. How I approached this review was no different than any other, but the results I uncovered along the way were nothing less than astounding.

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I, for one, believe that every woman deserves to experience true, unconditional love from a good man, regardless of her past or present situation. If you share that same belief, please read on as this may very well be the most important product review you ever read.

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Drama Method Review – How Does it Work?

You have probably heard many times that “most men hate drama” and most of us women would agree to that.

The Drama Method was created by a man, Aaron Fox, practically by accident during a heartbreaking event in his life over a lost love. Quite an in the interesting story that I won’t go into here, but you can hear more about what happened when you visit his website.

As many women would agree, figuring out a mans thought the process can be like navigating through a minefield on the way to his heart.

He says what he doesn’t mean and expects us to know the difference. That being said, it is easy to see why most drama only tends to cloud his already hard to understand the mind.

However, there are certain types of drama that will always raise a man’s Emotional Temperature to extremely high levels of love and attraction for you and only you. It can be so strong that he can convince himself that you are the only person on earth who can fulfill that need in his life.

Here is how Sally, one of the ladies I interviewed, describes it;

I have been dating the same guy for 2 and a half years now. After about six months into our relationship, things started to cool down and the intensity level dropped off quite a bit. He seemed disinterested in me. Many of my friends told me that was normal and not to worry about it. I tried everything I knew to recapture “the magic” we had but I was never really able to.

I received an email about Aaron’s Drama Method and decided to give things one more try before giving up and realizing this was how it would be from here on out.

Believe me, I am anything but a “drama queen.” so I honestly did not think it would work for me. Of the many things I learned in the course, I started with the “Emotional Variety Technique” as it seemed to fit our particular circumstances best.

I’m still not exactly sure how it worked but everybody we know can’t believe the change in him. I am a little embarrassed to say this but he is on fire for me all the time now. It was never this good in the beginning. He has since asked me to marry him and I could not say yes fast enough.

Either Aaron Fox is a genius or he luckily stumbled onto something every woman should know!

(Sally W. Houston, TX.)

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If You’re not “Drop Dead Gorgeous” You May Actually Have an Advantage!

Unfortunately, we have all been conditioned to believe that men only are attracted to very beautiful and shapely women.

Any TV ad will assure you of that fact. The truth is, in most cases, the more beautiful the woman, the more she brings out a mans insecurities.

So many men cannot get past her physical beauty to see her for who she really is on the inside, be it good or bad. I know, we all think most men are so shallow.

It’s not entirely his fault though, as he has been conditioned to believe that the more physically beautiful she is, the more valuable she is. What a misguided lie is that?

Although it is important to look your best, it is and will always be, your inner beauty that ultimately finds it’s way into a man’s heart.

I think my interview with Janice says it best;

I have always struggled with weight issues and will admit I’m not always the prettiest girl in the room. I can clearly see now that over the years I have sold myself short and have missed many opportunities with men I was interested in but I foolishly believed they would never love me like I wanted and needed to be loved.

This wrong view of myself has caused me to be in and out of many bad and abusive relationships. At 46 years old I had resigned myself to spend the rest of my life alone. It was much less painful that way.

My best friend Brenda asked me to go through the Drama Method course with her and I did just to get her off my case.

I was intrigued by the “Logical Attraction” phase of the course but was afraid to let Brenda know that any of this interested me. I finally got the courage to apply what I had learned on a man I have known and admired for over 12 years but thought he would never want anything to do with me other than just a mild friendship.

He asked me out 2 months ago and we have been seeing each other almost every day since. I have never been happier in my life. He treats me so good and is such a wonderful man. He really loves me and I love him too.

Thanks to Brenda for encouraging me and to Aaron for showing me what to do.

(Janice K. Richmond, VA.)

Will The Drama Method Work For You?

I can’t honestly answer that question. But I can honestly state the Drama Method has worked for far more women that I have interviewed than hasn’t.

Other than the outstanding results so many have had with this course, the part that impressed me the most was Aaron Fox is willing to guarantee his product for 60 days and offers a no questions asked a full refund if it does not meet your expectations.

That kind of guarantee is almost unheard of in this industry.

I highly recommend the Drama Method course if and only if you are serious about dramatically improving your love life.

You never know. The love of your life may be walking past you every day.

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Do Men Love Drama? The Answer May Surprise You

Drama Method Of TeachingThe majority of men probably believe that women are over-dramatic most of the time and that this can be ignored.

But the frustration, resentment and downright sadness that this can cause in women if they are simply trying to get their feelings and thoughts across, cannot be understated.

Once a woman realizes that dramatic behavior does not benefit her cause, she may feel lost, confused and at the point of giving up altogether.

However, this is the worst possible thing that could happen.

The key is to learn just what TYPE of drama can actually work when it comes to men.

Women might be surprised to find out just how powerful this can be – provided you go about it the right way of course!

The term “drama queen” can often be applied too liberally. After all, it is normal and natural to become emotional at times.

Whilst some women certainly have a tendency to become overly emotional at the slightest incident, it is too much to expect any human not to have moments or periods of weakness, particularly when strong feelings towards a particular person are at the forefront.

But how can you know if you’re displaying too much drama? If you are in danger of becoming a drama queen and as a result, driving the very man away whom you wish to draw to you? Being aware of your behavior as much as possible will allow you to stop yourself short, before doing or saying something that may cause the opposite effect of what you wish to achieve.

How To Know If You’re Being a Drama Queen

Drama Queen

1. You tend to go over the top in your reactions

If even the smallest thing leads you to think the world is ending, perhaps you’re over the top reactions are leading you to be seen as a drama queen. If you have a close friend or two who you can speak candidly, you might ask if they believe that you have a tendency to act in this way, without their response causing offense. After all, it is certainly better to be aware of it and to do something about stopping it happening around that targeted man, than to continue on and drive him away altogether.

2. You’re Always the Victim

Feel like you’re always hard done by? Does nothing ever go your way? This is the victim mentality, and it’s a real turn off. Believing you’re a victim at times, but keeping it to yourself, is one thing, but to react in a way that indicates that you truly believe that everyone is out to get you is certainly not going to win you any friends; let alone the man you want!

3. It’s All About You

If you want to attract someone, it has to stop being all about you and start being about him. Drama queens are always thinking of themselves and how they can get what they want.

If this is you, it’s time to ditch that mentality. Sure, you certainly have to think of yourself but when it comes to winning someone over, giving is the name of the game.

Does that mean you must give every ounce of yourself? Definitely not. But turning the mentality around from an “I” and “me” way of thinking is going to benefit you considerably in the end.

There are of course many other ways of diagnosing whether you may be a drama queen, and thus, whether your dramatic behavior of the wrong sort is turning that most wanted man away from you. But don’t let that trick you into thinking that men don’t love any drama, because guess what? Apparently, they do, and one man has decided to share exactly how to take advantage of this to win your man over. It’s called The Drama Method and it’s the most innovative, unique(possibly the only) guide that’s ever been written on the subject.

Remember, it is not only women who are guilty of being drama queens at times. Men can certainly display behaviors that are very dramatic in their own right! But concerning yourself with the way you act and speak around and toward that important man who you are attempting to attract into your life is where the focus needs to be. So do men love drama? In general, the answer is no. But that is simply because most women don’t know about the type of drama that a man will fall head over heels for. Once you do, a whole new world opens up and he literally will fall head over heels for you!

What Men Really Want – 5 Ways You May Be Turning Them Away

What do men really want? And more importantly, how can you make them do what YOU want them to do?

These questions have been on the mind’s of women for eons. Demystifying the mind of males can be a lifelong journey, and even then, it can still seem like they are from a completely different planet a lot of the time.

If there is a man in your life who you want to attract to you, either for the first time or to rekindle that lost spark in a relationship, you might think it’s almost impossible to do anything that will influence his thinking, his actions and his desire for you. But, it would be a huge mistake to think that way!

Let’s talk about some of the most common actions that are almost certain to drive a man in the other direction from you.

Most of us are guilty of one or more of these at some point, often without realizing it. But with hindsight, it is easy to look back and determine why behaving this way led to a negative reaction from the one whom you have your eye on.


1. Appearing Too Needy

No wants a needy person. Even if you FEEL needy, there is no need to let him know about it. This indicates weakness and gives him the impression that you are going to be a high maintenance person to be around who is unable to cope with independence. This sort of behavior is possibly the biggest turn off for virtually all men! After all, ask yourself if you would like a needy man around you? It works both ways.

2. Being Desperate

Perhaps the next greatest turn off is that of obvious desperation. Scared you won’t be able to get that man? Or feeling insecure and aren’t afraid to show it? He will pick up on this in an instant and you’ll have him running in the other direction.

3. Being a Drama Queen

Men don’t like drama, in general. Dramatic women can cause a man to roll his eyes and walk away – sometimes for good. But if you knew how to play the drama game correctly, this particular point could be turned in your favor.

4. Being Overly Controlling

Acting like a mother more than a friend or partner falls into the “too controlling” category. Remember, a man does not want a relationship with someone who treats him like a child – this is a certainty.

5. Being Cryptic

Saying one thing but meaning another can seem like a wise idea at first, but after a short time, it simply starts to annoy the person at the receiving end. Keeping him guessing about what you really think can translate into a feeling of mistrust, even if that is not what you intended. It can also have the added effect of leading him to believe that it is just too much work to communicate with you.

So is it really possible to get a man to like you, to want you and to develop a never-ending desire for you, using dramatic techniques?

Well, it depends what KIND of dramatic techniques we are talking about here. The type of drama behavior that men loathe is what will ultimately drive them away, and fast. Let’s face it, men don’t really like it much when a woman gets all emotional on him.

It is not wise to stereotype, and certainly some men are better at directly talking about feelings than others, but in general it is not uncommon for a man to retreat to his “man cave” during these times, and to wait for the storm to pass – or at least, until he thinks it has passed.

But how about a man whom you are not even in a relationship with, but simply wish to get to know better, and to become closer to? Becoming overly emotional in all the wrong ways in that particular situation can result in complete and utter failure that is near impossible to reverse.

You can’t make a man want you. How many times have you heard that line? It certainly does not have to be true. What is true is that most women simply don’t know HOW to make a man want them. That does not mean it’s impossible; it simply means that most people just haven’t discovered the right way to go about it yet.

Thankfully there is a man out there who has decided it’s time to reveal some of the inner workings of the male mind, in order to benefit women. His guide, titled simply The Drama Method, has a whole new take on revealing what men really want, and how to get them to find you irresistible.

The techniques you can learn in the Drama Method can literally attract the man you want to you like a magnet.

Want To Find Out More About The Drama Method?

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