60 Second Panic Solution Review- Is it Worth it?

The 60 Second Panic Solution is a clinically proven treatment designed to stop your panic attacks, relieve your high anxiety levels, and end chronic worrying in SECONDS…

Now, let me tell you all the TRUTH about “60 Second Panic Solution” in my HONEST review so you understand what you’re about to experience here.

60 Second Panic Solution – What you need to know?

Without taking harmful drugs that trigger nasty SIDE-AFFECTS, without spending days, weeks, or months talking to a psychiatrist about your PROBLEMS, and most certainly WITHOUT masking your symptoms, so your suffering ends PERMANENTLY…

The techniques in the 60 Second Panic Solution will work for you even if you have suffered for years… and every other treatment and solution you tried has failed… and you’ve lost all hope of ever finding a cure.

It has nothing to do with talk-therapy, medication, breathing exercises, hypnosis, or new age mumbo-jumbo that inevitably results in…

60 Second Panic Solution Ebook

  • Further disappointment
  • Increased frustration
  • Feelings of hopelessness
  • Even depression

Or at best, temporary relief from your symptoms only to rebound a few days or weeks later with tons more anxiety… or a series of terrifying panic attacks.


Conventional treatments for panic and anxiety have caused you enough disappointment

It’s time for a solution that works not only to relieve your symptoms but also to get rid of the underlying root-cause of your panic attacks and anxiety – so you can experience lasting freedom from suffering.

When the cause of your symptoms is resolved using The 60 Second Panic Solution techniques (which are proven by more than 2,000 sufferers like you) you can expect the exact opposite experience of other treatments.

  • No side-affects
  • No costly therapy sessions
  • No talking about your past, your parents, or your problems
  • Total control over your symptoms
  • Long lasting relief without rebounds or relapsing

… All while your energy and vitality increases, you start thinking and feeling better than ever before, and you finally have the freedom to live life on your terms.

What is The 60 Second Panic Solution?

The 60 Second Panic Solution is a 3-part program that gives you easy-to-use techniques that stop your panic attacks, relieves your anxiety, and gets rid of your symptoms permanently. You’ll discover:

  • The Triple-A Technique that stops any panic attack (no matter how intense or terrifying) in less than 60 seconds. It works in every situation and under any circumstance… and before anybody notices your symptoms!
  • The Rapid Relaxation Technique that relieves high anxiety levels and quickly switches off any fear, worry, or stress that’s disturbing yours. This technique gives you control of your thoughts and feelings… and is so simple and effective… you’ll likely use it almost every day!
  • The Thought Patrol Technique that programs your mind to reject feelings of stress, worry, panic, and anxiety – so your symptoms disappear, do not return, and you start thinking and feeling like a normal person again!
  • Plus, much, much more!

Now look, before we go any further, it’s important for me to be 100% honest and upfront with you.

Will “The 60 Second Panic Solution” work for you?

The people it does not work for are the people who don’t actually use the techniques. These folks are usually not ready for permanent relief – and that’s ok.

But if you are one of those people who are not ready to feel better FAST – one of those folks who are not ready to take action and use the techniques – then this treatment is not for you.

60 Second Panic Solution Guide

The 60 Second Panic Solution is only for people who are tired of terrifying panic attacks that strike without warning… and tired of suffering all day long with gut-wrenching anxiety and worry – and are ready to take action and use these techniques to make a full recovery.

So, if you want to end your suffering… quickly, safely, and permanently… without popping pills, paying for therapy, or talking endlessly about your problems, then The 60 Second Panic Solution is not just “a treatment” for you.

It’s the only treatment that can give you the permanent relief you’re looking for:

Now, you maybe thinking a clinically proven solution that delivers all of this will be extremely expensive.

And to be honest, it really should be considering the amount of sufferers who have made a complete recovery using The 60 Second Panic Solution when nothing else they tried had worked.

And of course, when you consider that Anna usually charges her clients 300euros to receive this same treatment in person at her private clinic in Ireland, it’s only natural to think it’s going to be unaffordable for most folks.

However, Anna is making The 60 Second Panic Solution available to sufferers on the Internet because she wants to end this problem around the world… and wants you to enjoy a life of joy and happiness that you deserve.

And so, she is making it available to any sufferer who needs it at a price that everybody can afford. I’ll get to the exact price in just a moment.

But first, I need to make you aware of something…


You’re not just receiving The 60 Second Panic Solution. Nope. Just for coming to this website today, I’m going to give you absolutely free of charge a special bonus valued at $67.95 called The 60 Second Panic Solution Premium Video Coaching Lessons.

This 9-part video coaching program is the perfect complement to your main program because Anna actually walks you through each technique, showing you exactly how to use it… so there is no confusion on your part.

You’ll actually follow along with Anna, on video, as she teaches each technique to you. You’ll actually be able to feel the relief wash over you as you do each exercise with Anna. The result is instant relief within minutes of getting started today!


You’ll also receive One Full Year Of Product Updates – a $120 value – yours free! Listen, Anna is always working to expand this solution to fit the needs of her customers.

For example, not so long ago, a customer asked, “I also suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – can you help me?” So guess what? Anna added an entire section into the program all about overcoming this issue. This is an example of the kind of updates you will receive for free when you sign up today.

Furthermore, if there is a particular issue YOU are suffering from, that is not covered in the program, just let Anna know and she will include it for you.

Now, as outrageous as it sounds, Anna is not even going to charge you her 1-hour rate of 300euros (regular client rate) to receive The 60 Second Panic Solution, plus the $294.90 in free bonus gifts you’re receiving today.

No way. As promised, Anna is going to make this treatment so affordable that every panic and anxiety sufferer can try it today.

Heck, you’re not even going to pay half of Anna’s regular fee.

In fact, your total investment in The 60 Second Panic Solution treatment today, plus all the premium video coaching lessons and product updates, is just a one-time discounted investment of $97.

Now at this price, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s unbelievable value – and you’re probably “itching” to get started ASAP.

However, because you’re a first-time user… and because Anna really believes this treatment will end your suffering… and therefore, wants to do everything in her power to get it into your hands…

… You’re NOT going to pay the massively discounted price of $97 to get started right now.

Instead, through this website only, you’re going to get immediate access to everything for a one-time secure payment of only $67.95.

That’s Right – Only $67.95

Now, I’m sure you’re thrilled to discover that this program is cheaper than the cost of a single therapy session with a psychiatrist… or even a trip to your doctor for a drug prescription that only provides temporary relief.

But we’re not done just yet. No way.

You see, Anna insists on taking things one step further…

Why? Because she knows you’ve been set up to fail so often in the past that it might be difficult for you to see yourself enjoying permanent freedom from panic and anxiety with The 60 Second Panic Solution.

And because Anna knows you’ll experience the same long-lasting relief as the THOUSANDS of sufferers who have tried this treatment already, she wants to remove all risk on your part, so you can get started right now…

Plus, Anna is also going to give you one more valuable bonus gi for getting started right now. It’s a new report she created called, No More Emotional Eating – a $39 value – but it’s yours FREE today!

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of weight gain is emotional eating? And did you know that unless you get rid of the issues that cause you to overeat, no amount of dieting, exercise, and especially no pill, is going to help you lose those extra pounds and stay slim?

In this report, Anna will teach you the one thing you can do today to relieve the emotional issues that are triggering your weight gain and preventing you from achieving the body of your dreams.

Anna has noticed over the years that once you relieve these emotional issues, pounds and inches will literally “fall off” your body – and you’ll shrink down to your ideal weight, without having to starve or exercise like a professional athlete.

“Since 2005, I have sent countless patients to Anna for treatment. The benefits they report are o en significant. Patients tell me since using the techniques in the 60 Second Panic Solution their high anxiety levels have come right down. Panic attacks have stopped or become less frequent.

Overall quality of life has improved. And in severe cases, where patients were unable to leave their homes… they were able to reintegrate themselves back into society, back into the workforce, and were able to socialize with friends and live a normal active life once again. For these reasons, and more, I recommend the 60 Second Panic Solution to people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.

I firmly believe if you regularly use this method as directed, you will experience deep and profound improvements in your condition.”

– Dr. Beatrice M. Neufeldt, M.D.

Does 60 Second Panic Solution Work

Look: I don’t want to pressure you here… yet right now, as you read this message you’re at a crossroads that will affect your life in almost every way imaginable. And when you think about it, you really have THREE options.

Option One is to do nothing and let this video end. Leave this site and do nothing – except keep SUFFERING needlessly. Honestly, if you’ve been reading this long, it shows me that what you’re doing now just ISN’T working for you. So doing nothing really isn’t much of an option at all.

Option Two is take what you learned on this website and try to “figure it all out” for yourself. You can try this, but in experience, trying to figure anything out when panic attacks are consuming your life is not easy. I don’t know about you — when I was in the middle of a panic attack, I couldn’t even think straight… let alone try to figure out how to stop them. That’s just extra stress that you don’t need.

And then there’s…
Option Three, which is simply to do what THOUSANDS of folks like you have done already. Try Anna’s proven 60-Second Panic Solution™ right now.

Would I Recommend the 60 Second Panic Solution System?

Now for the answer to the question you have all been waiting for me to answer. Would I recommend this program to you? My answer is yes. But, firstly, I cannot guarantee that it will be effective for you.

Not every method will be effective for every individual – that is just a fact of life, as we all know. Nevertheless, I can tell you that it is at the very least worth checking out.

You will learn a lot of different and useful techniques which you can immediately apply to your daily life.

As for the price, I found it to be reasonable – especially considering that most therapists charge upwards of $100 for a SINGLE SESSION, spending about half of that on a program you can use every day is a great value.

Thus, my recommendation is: YES, the 60 Second Panic Solution is worth your time, and I highly recommend you check out the video below at the very least to see if you think it would be right for you. Good luck.

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